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Popular Dental Tourism Destinations

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A Brief History on Dental Tourism

Even though dental tourism is a relatively new industry, medical tourism has been around for hundreds of years. Back in the day, doctors used to recommend their patients to travel to a different type of climate in order to ease their condition. Although dental tourism has initially started as an individual experience and spread by word of mouth, more people started gaining interest in finding alternative places to seek dental treatment abroad.


How dental tourism was born as an industry

Dental tourism was supposedly birthed around 1997 when the Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok was built to offer premium health care to a segment of people that could afford it, but it soon lost all its customers after Thailand was struck by a currency crisis (the Asian financial crisis) and Baht was devalued. 
The hospital was forced to change its strategy and started focusing on attracting international patients, especially patients from other Asian countries. Nowadays, Thailand is not only a popular destination when it comes to cheap medical interventions in this specific field, but it is also the first one. 

After Thailand and other Asian countries like Singapore, The Philippines, Malaysia and India adopted an organized approach to dental tourism, the industry has gained popularity after the expansion of the European Union. 


Popular dental tourism destinations

Dental tourism is mainly associated with people who come from high-income western countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, the US or Austria that look for cheaper alternatives to the dental services provided in their countries of origin. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, lower costs do not necessarily mean lower quality. Many of the countries in which dental tourism has boomed offer affordable dental services or other medical services and have highly qualified and trustworthy professionals. 

The best places in the world you can travel for cheap interventions are:

•    Europe: Romania, Poland, Croatia;
•    Asia: Thailand;
•    North America: Mexico;
•    Central America: Costa Rica;

Tourists travel to seek different types of dental treatments abroad. The most popular choices include cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and root canal treatments.
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