Surgical Extractions in Thailand

Updated on Monday 09th January 2017

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Thailand is an extremely popular dental tourism destination among patients who come here from all over the world to take advantage of the affordable prices and high quality of medical care in this country. 

A surgical extraction in Thailand, also named open extraction, is a type of dental treatment abroad effectuated when a tooth is torn at the gum level or it has not erupted in the oral cavity. It represents a more complex procedure of dentistry abroad, necessitating a small incision of the gum in order to surgically extract a broken tooth or an impacted wisdom root.

When are surgical extractions in Thailand necessary?

By having an x-ray effectuated and after a thorough examination, the dentist abroad can generally decide if the tooth in question requires a simple or a surgical extraction. Surgical extractions in Thailand are generally required in the following scenarios:

•    When a tooth breaks during a simple extraction operation. In this case, it might have to be extracted by separate pieces;
•    If a wisdom tooth is impacted, which happens quite often, which means that it is not entirely erupted into the oral cavity;
•    If a tooth is severely broken, for root tips or for teeth with roots that are long-curved;
•    In case the bone which surrounds a tooth has become dense.

Post-op care after a surgical extraction in Thailand

After a surgical extraction in Thailand, patients are advised to take the following post-op precautions:

•    Take the medications prescribed by your dentist abroad;
•    After the operation, it is recommended to consume soft, cold foods;
•    Place an ice bag wrapped in a towel for 24 hours, in a 30 minutes on/30 minutes off pattern;
•    Keep the gauze in the area for maximum one hour, then take it off;
•    Apply a humid gauze over the surgery wound;
•    Avoid smoking for five days to one week after the surgery. 

Surgical extractions in Thailand are common procedures which are effectuated safely at extremely affordable costs by our dentists in this country. If you need this type of dental treatment abroad, please do not hesitate to contact our dental tourism representatives in Thailand.