Dental Implants in Thailand

Updated on Thursday 06th October 2016

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Dental implants are an important part of any person’s dental care prophylactic options and also to their overall good health. In case some teeth were removed or damaged too severely due to previous dental health problems, prosthetics represent the right solution. The dental implant is a medical innovation that Thai dentists perform, allowing patients to replace any missing tooth. The probability of success is higher than 95%, as they also regain their health and confidence in themselves.  Persons who are interested in performing a dental implant in Thailand can book a dental tourism package. 

Having a beautiful, natural smile, not fearing public speaking or being able to take a strong bite out of your favorite food is something that every person should enjoy without question. So, if you need an implant for functional or simply esthetic reasons, you should try the services of our Thai dentist experts.

The Dental Implant Procedure in Thailand 

Thai dentistry has greatly evolved during the last years and it has reached the point where it can offer its patients the newest range of dental procedures that will ensure optimal results.  
The procedure consists in inserting a metal alloy, usually titanium, into the bone of the jaw that will integrate with the bone structure within a period of a few months up to a year.  The piece is called an abutment screw that will be the root of the new teeth. A dental crown will be later on attached to it.     
The replacement teeth shall perfectly fit with the facial features of the patient, as well as with the remainder of teeth. The rest of the teeth and soft tissue will not be negatively influenced in any way.

Dentists in Thailand and Quality Work

Dental work in Thailand comprises specialized implant dentists, as well as proficient dental implant technology that ensure the finest quality of the dental work. Thus, the dental implants will be solid and time enduring, as well as esthetically pleasing

Even in cases where the bone structure was altered due to extractions and these type of procedures would normally not be permitted, Thai dentists have developed solutions that will provide excellent results. The high quality of the dental implants ensures their functionality for up to 25 years. The patient is also responsible for well preserving the dental implant.

The state of the art Thai dental clinics will restore the beauty and health of your smile, while you benefit from the best medical advice for care and prevention. In order to find out more about the most attractive price offers available, we invite you to pay us a visit for further information!

Please contact our dental tourism experts for further information.