Teeth Whitening in Spain

Updated on Tuesday 27th September 2016

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Teeth whitening in Spain has gained more popularity among Western European patients in recent years because of the low costs and high quality of services rendered by dental clinics in this country. The process itself involves utilizing whitening products which contain tooth bleaches like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in order to brighten the teeth into a lighter shade.

Teeth whitening in Spain can be performed with in-office bleaching, which is effectuated at a dentist’s office. Generally it requires only one visit and it consists of applying a bleaching gel on the teeth, sometimes in combination with a special light in order to render a whiter teeth color. The results are almost instantaneous and the treatments itself can last up to only a couple of hours.

Shades of teeth whitening in Spain

Before starting an in-office bleaching, the dentist will generally measure the before-and-after tooth color with shade guides. These represent displays of a wide range of tooth colors which are held in hand, being also used when selecting crown and other restoration shades.

Usually the standard for these shades is the Vitapan Classic Shade Guide. This shade guide is comprised of 16 shades, arranged in order from the lightest to the darkest into four color categories. 

When undertaking a teeth whitening treatment in Spain, it is advisable to have realistic expectations. Although sometimes whitening can lighten the teeth color by more than nine shades, generally it is expected for the teeth to lighten to two or maximum seven shades.

Risks of teeth whitening in Spain

Teeth whitening in Spain is considered to be a safe procedure with minimal side-effects if it is performed accurately. Such risks could involve tooth sensitivity, which occurs when the peroxide from the whitener penetrates the soft layer of dentin and touches the tooth nerve. In most patients, this sensitivity is temporary. The dental treatment abroad may be delayed and then done again.

If a patient uses too many whiteners, this could also damage the enamel of the tooth or the gums, therefore it is important to follow the instructions and recommendations of the dentist abroad.

If you are interested in a dental treatment in Spain, please talk to our team of dentists abroad.