Surgical Extractions in Spain

Updated on Friday 16th December 2016

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Spain in a major dental tourism destination, with a lot of patients coming here to take care of their teeth because of the affordable prices practiced by dentists here. Surgical extractions in Spain, also known as open extractions, represent procedures in which the teeth are extracted through surgical. Surgical extractions in Spain imply the removal of the tooth by the dentist abroad using surgical techniques. These techniques may involve sectioning the teeth into one or several pieces and a soft tissue incision could be necessary to complete them, however not in all cases. 

Reasons for surgical extractions in Spain

Many times the teeth are extracted because they are impacted, meaning they do not grow in their normal position because of other teeth, gum tissue or bone. Or, they can be removed because they are badly positioned, making straightening not possible. Also, this type of dental treatment abroad can be necessary when a tooth is severely damaged by decay or it is broken to an extent where it cannot be restored.

Precautions when it comes to surgical extractions

Sometimes, the surgical extractions in Spain, which are extremely cost effective compared to most Western European countries, making dental tourism extremely popular in this country, could be postponed for a later date. This might happen because of one of the following reasons:

•    An infection has developed from the tooth into the bone. Treatment with antibiotics may be prescribed to cure the infection which makes the anesthesia difficult;
•    The patient is using anticoagulants (medications to thin the blood). The patient may be required to stop taking these drugs three days before the surgical extraction in Spain. It is recommended to consult with your physician before doing so;
•    In case a patient might have undergone one of the following operations in the months before the surgical extraction: open heart operation, heart valve replacement, placement of a medical shunt or prosthetic joint replacement. They might be prescribed antibiotics to prevent any bacterial infections from developing. 

Pain management in surgical extractions in Spain

Prior to a surgical extraction in Spain, the dentist abroad will verify your medical history, asking you about allergies and prescription drugs that you might be on. Your dental history is also researched, paying attention especially to any previous extractions and anesthetic reactions. An x-ray is taken to establish the entire position and shape of the tooth.

Pain management in surgical tooth extractions can be effectuated by performing an I.V. sedation – through the intravenous line. Patients are advised in this case not to eat or drink anything with minimum eight hours before the operation. 

If you would like to have a surgical extraction effectuated in Spain, please get in touch with our team of dental tourism experts.