Orthodontics in Spain

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry designed to treat the patients with improper teeth positioning, bad bites or abnormal development and shape of jaws. Offering innovative treatment plans and various solutions for gaining a healthy and confident smile, our orthodontists in Spain know that every patient has unique needs. This is why a dental holiday can combine both professional dental treatment and visiting the country at very competitive prices, depending on every individual's choice.

Reasons you may need an orthodontic treatment in Spain

•    Crowding - if the patient's jaw is small or narrow, there is not enough space for all the teeth; the orthodontist will most probably remove teeth in order to make room for the others;
•    The front teeth protrude - treatment that improves the patient's appearance, protecting the teeth from damage; 
•    Impacted teeth - adult teeth that are not in the right position;
•    Asymmetrical teeth - when the mouth is closed, teeth are still showing - upper and lower teeth don't match;
•    Open bite - an opening between the upper and lower teeth when clenching teeth;
•    Overbite - clenched teeth, the upper ones come down too much over the lower teeth;
•    Underbite - the upper teeth are too far back/ the lower teeth are too far forward;
•    Reverse bite - biting inside the lower teeth when the teeth are clenched;
•    Crossbite - upper teeth does not fall exactlyon the lower teeth, being they are too near the tongue or the cheek;
•    Spacing - gaps/spaces between the teeth (this is the opposite of crowding)

Orthodontists in Spain will treat you no matter your orthodontic problem. Most important, you must know that our experts in dental tourism provide detailed information on specific treatment plans and can also help you choose the best option for your budget and preferences.

The results of orthodontic treatment in Spain

Most orthodontic treatments will help:

•    close wide gaps between the teeth;
•    make sure the margins of the teeth are aligned;
•    improve speech and oral functions;
•    prevent trauma or wear of the teeth;
•    improve health of gums and teeth;
•    straighten crooked teeth;
•    treat an improper bite.

In order to provide a diagnosis and recommend treatment options, such as fixed or removable appliances, the orthodontist will perform the following procedures: verify the medical and dental history, clinical examination, X-rays of teeth and jaws and maybe even plaster of the teeth. Our dental tourism specialists will connect you to the best clinic in Spain, so that you can enjoy an effective, professional and cost-saving orthodontic treatment.

Our dentists can also offer assistance on cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening

As a matter of costs, you must know that orthodontics in Spain has competitive prices in comparison to other countries in Europe. For example, for metal braces, you could spend up to €1000, whereas in UK, the price for the same treatment is €1500. So, if you want to choose wisely and enjoy dental treatment abroad, please contact our experts in dental tourism.