Dental Veneers in Spain

Updated on Friday 09th December 2016

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Dental veneers in Spain are thin coatings which cover the frontal side of the teeth, enabling the dentist abroad to correct the color, size and form of the teeth to improve the patient’s look of the smile. These dental veneers are pasted on the front of the teeth with special glues, generally on the incisors and cuspids, allowing patients to gain that charming smile they always dreamt of!

What are dental veneers in Spain made of?

Initially, when they were first invented by Charles Pincus in the U.S. in the ‘80s, dental veneers were fabricated from thin porcelain covers which were glued with a denture fixative, being meant to last only on a temporary basis. 

Nowadays, a dental veneer is widely used as a form of dental treatment abroad, representing a long lasting, quality aesthetic solution. 

Dental veneers in Spain can be made of the following materials:

•    Composite;
•    Porcelain;
•    Ceramic mix.

Dental veneers made of porcelain and ceramic can be more pricey, however are more durable and last longer. They do not get discolored or stained, being more solid and conferring a more natural look. Composite veneers are the cheapest, although they are prone to discoloring and last for a shorter time. 

Benefits of dental veneers in Spain

The most important benefits of dental veneers in Spain are as follows:

•    They allow a natural look and a gentle restoration of the tooth;
•    They are cost effective compared to other Western European countries, allowing patients to enjoy pleasant holidays in a country with warm weather and great places to visit;
•    They confer an extremely aesthetical look, being felt and looking like natural teeth and giving the patient a good-looking smile;
•    Dental veneers in Spain are made of ceramic and do not allow plaque to form and they do not get discolored;
•    The procedure of applying them is minimally invasive and it is painless, as it does not necessitate any drilling or injections;
•    They do not necessitate a broad removal of the healthy tooth enamel before being applied;
•    They are biocompatible, as the materials they are made of are tolerated well by the gums.

Spain has been considered as one of the top destinations for patients who wish to save their money by using dentistry abroad. Dental veneers in Spain represent a viable choice for those who wish to improve their smile at a fraction of the costs they would have to pay in their own countries. If you would like to be one of them, please contact our dental tourism representatives.