Dental Implants in Spain

Updated on Monday 26th September 2016

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Dental implants are the best solution to permanently replace your teeth. Dental implantology in Spain consists of an advanced technique that allows dental implant specialists to surgically integrate an artificial root screw (most often made out of titanium or titanium-zirconium alloy onto the jaw bone). Dental implants are one of the safest treatments available in the dental industry and have the highest success rate of any other type of dental procedure.

Advanced dental implantology in Spain

Besides the well-known modern techniques that are already implemented in dental clinics all around the world in the field of implantology, dental implants in Spain come with something revelatory: computer-aided implantology (3-D implantology) and metal-free ceramic implants.

3-D implantology is an exciting new field of dental implantology in which dental implants specialists work with a computer software. Aided by the 3D software, they can plan the optimal position of each future dental implant. The entire dental surgery is assisted by a computer, which means that the dental implant procedure is safer, less traumatic and takes less time.

Metal free ceramic dental implants are made of high-performance ceramics. This type of implants has more advantages compared to conventional dental implants like: 

•    it is biocompatible and biologically neutral (do not cause allergic reactions);
•    it is much more aesthetically pleasing and look very natural;
•    ensures a perfect osseointegration;
•    it is neither magnetic nor radioactive and has a low thermal conductivity;
•    it has been tested for 100% stability and guarantees to last up to a lifetime.

What is the price of a dental implant in Spain?

Many people travel every day in order to benefit from dental procedures at western standards, spend a wonderful dental holiday abroad and still be able to save some money.

Our team of dental implant experts can provide professional guidance in finding a dental clinic in Spain.

Most of the tourists that seek cheaper dental implants in Spain come from the United Kingdom. A dental implant in the UK has a starting price of 1600 pounds (around 2400 euros VAT included), compared to 390 euros in Spain.  

If you need more information regarding dental implants in Spain or you want to make an appointment, please contact our team of dental tourism agents.