Root Canal Treatments in Romania

Updated on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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Root canal treatments, or endodontic treatments, are dental procedures that cure infections from the center of the teeth. Root canal treatments enable dentists in Romania to save the tooth which is damaged by decay or injury by removing the bacteria from the root canal system.

What do root canal treatments in Romania consist of?

The root canal treatments in Romania are much easier nowadays because of the new electronic localization techniques for the top of the root (the apex) by utilizing the apex-locator, as well as the rotating techniques to treat the root canals with the Profile and Protaper systems, as well as with the “Diga” modern isolation system. This type of systems, which have exceptionally flexible needles, can also treat curved canal teeth, which used to be extremely difficult with classical systems. 

The canal obturation is achieved by condensing and injecting gutta-percha (a hard thermoplastic substance consisting mainly of a hydrocarbon isomeric utilized in dentistry abroad) into the radicular canal (the lateral part of the spinal canal which contains the spinal nerve root), effectuating in this way a tridimensional sealing. After completing the canal obturation, dentists abroad recommend that the endodontically treated tooth should be covered with crowns in order to avoid breaking. The time frame of such a treatment can be one to two days.

Why root canal treatments in Romania?

Romania has become a top dental holiday destination over the last decade. In order to treat their dental problems, patients from all over Europe are coming to this country seeking care because of the favorable price-ratio and professional services offered by dentists here.

The beautiful natural sceneries and unique values ensure you can enjoy a pleasant trip while undergoing a root canal treatment in Romania. Romania is also the place where the dental and aesthetic industries are extremely modernized and developed. Root canal treatments in Romania are provided by skilled dentists who operate in modern clinics at prices which represent a fraction of similar services in Western European countries

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