Orthodontics in Romania

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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When it comes to orthodontics, we think of that dentistry specialty that diagnoses, prevents, treats and corrects wrongfully positioned teeth and small and narrow jaws. An orthodontic treatment can improve the smile and appearance of the teeth by using modern dental appliances such as braces and retainers. We know how important is for your self-esteem and confidence having a beautiful and healthy smile. Consequently, our dental tourism specialists can offer complete guidance regarding orthodontics in Romania - a great way of regaining your dental health through professional and cost-effective treatments. 

Reasons you might need orthodontics in Romania

First of all, choosing a dentist abroad might be the best chance for you or your child to restore the appearance of your teeth at very attractive prices. The most frequent reasons people call an orthodontic professional are the following:

•    mouth breathing;
•    difficulty in biting or chewing; 
•    blocked-out, crooked, crowding, protruding or misplaced teeth;
•    shifting, making sounds, retruding or protruding jaws;
•    difficulty in speech;
•    having problems resulting because of biting into a cheek or the roof of the mouth;
•    facial asymmetry/imbalance;
•    teeth that meet don't meet at all or don't meet in a normal way;
•    clenching or grinding of teeth;
•    oral habits such as finger sucking or late/early loss of baby teeth when referring to a child.

If you think you might need an orthodontic treatment, our dental tourism experts will highly recommend Romanian orthodontists because they work at very qualitative level and have affordable prices for everyone.

Most common orthodontic appliances in Romania 

Braces are known as the most common orthodontic treatment in Romania. They can be prescribed for every person who has permanent teeth and are used in order to correct bad bites and straighten teeth. In addition, braces may be applied in conjunction with other orthodontic treatments. Most of braces are worn around 2 years but the treatment period depends on every patient. If you need braces, our dentists in Romania will recommend the best option that suits you.

There are two types of braces: fixed (they are worn all the time) and removable

Types of fixed braces:

•    conventional braces (the type that most people choose) require metal/elastic ties to hold the archwire in place.
•    traditional braces (the most frequently needed orthodontic appliance);
•    Self-ligating braces help obtaining proper teeth alignment faster, they are more comfortable, having fewer adjustments than other braces; they do not require metal/elastic ties;
•    ceramic braces are the most aesthetic because they are not easily noticeable like traditional braces blending with the patient's natural tooth color. 

Removable braces

They are often called aligners and are prescribed when teeth need to be moved horizontally, the patient being aware that he must be very careful at following a strict regimen. Worn 24/7, they are removed only when eating and drinking, flossing or brushing

When it comes to choosing the best option for your orthodontic treatment, you must know that dental tourism is a great opportunity to professionally restore your dental health and also visit famous resorts in Romania, at very low prices. For example, applying braces in Romania might cost between €200-700, while in France, the prices for the same treatment vary between €1000 and €1900. Our dentists can also assist in other dental procedures, such as teeth whitening.  

If you really want to enjoy a dental holiday, please contact us in order to offer you complete information on professional and cost-saving orthodontic treatments in Romania.