Dental Tourism in Romania

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Romania has become one of the most popular destinations for dental tourism, since the number of people coming here for dental treatments has doubled last year. This kind of movement implies patients who don't mind traveling to other towns or countries, in search for an affordable and professional medical care. It seems like the most demanded dental services in Romania are the complex dental implants.

If we got you wondering what the success secret of our Romanian dental clinic is and wish for teeth restoration as well, our dental tourism specialists will offer complete guidance in relation to your needs.

Reasons to choose Romania for dental services

Dental tourism is a practice of the citizens whose countries provide very expensive dental care services and consequently they decide to come in Romania, where the same services are far cheaper.
Recent studies in the domain have showed that Romania has become one of the most accessible destinations for dental tourism, patients paying affordable prices for top services and having short-term treatment periods. Moreover, Romanian dental clinics are highly equipped and the doctors here are well prepared and up to date when it comes to dental cosmetic innovations. Foreigners are advised to come to Romania so that when they are free from their dental visits, they can enjoy Romanian sightseeing.

The main reason of prices being so low is the desire to firstly build a healthy and strong industry after the recent economic crises and only after that, if possible, benefiting from material gains.

Romanian dental services' client profile

The typical foreign patient coming in Romania for dental treatment is either English and Swiss  or Italian and Spanish, around the age of 50 years, who has serious periodontal problems (due to poor oral health and unsuccessful treatments in the past) and is in need of complete oral rehabilitation.

A foreigner pays on average EUR 4,800 for complex services, most of them being implants. Regional prices are two to three times lower than in Western Europe, so except the payment for traveling and accommodation, you will still save money. The quality of services in our Romanian clinics complies with European standards, low prices being simply the effect of the present economic situation in Romania referring to taxes, invoices, wages and other monthly expenses, which are much lower than in other European countries). 

If you are interested in specialized dental treatment plans, our clinic in Romania is a great option. A wide range of affordable up-to-date dentistry services (from implantology, dental prophylaxis, orthodontics, dental veneers, teeth whitening to aesthetic surgery and many more) made Romania become one of the best dental tourism destinations. Moreover, in comparison to UK, prices are much lower. For example, for a ceramic crown on implant you may pay around €320 here, while in UK this treatment costs €570.

Contact us in order to benefit from both professional and cost-saving dental services and visiting great Romanian resorts