Dental Implants in Romania

Updated on Friday 05th August 2016

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Dental implantology is a division of dentistry that is based on the use of dental prosthesis as a way of replacing teeth. Dental implants are artificial teeth used in prosthetic dentistry all over the world. Thanks to the development of dental tourism, dental implants in Romania are becoming more and more sought by people willing to travel abroad in order to benefit from cheaper dental care.


Romanian dental care system and types of dental implants

Due to the importance and quality of the medical training system, the qualifications of Romanian dentists are acknowledged and praised all over the world. Continuous education is mandatory for dentists and is administered by the Romanian Collegium of Dental Physicians (RCDP). Romania has plenty valuable dentists that work with the best technology available on the market. The dental clinics in Romania, which are mostly private, are equipped with advanced equipment and high-quality materials in order to provide dental treatments that adhere to western standards, but at incredibly low prices.

Modern dental implants in Romania work based on osseointegration, the process in which the root implants naturally fuse with the jawbone. This procedure takes between three to twelve months to heal, depending on the patient’s health and oral hygiene habits.

There are two major types of dental implants in Romania:
•    Endosteal implants: dental implants that are surgically placed into the jawbone in two stages. After they are inserted into the bone and have healed, a second surgery allows for the tooth crown to be attached to the artificial tooth root.
•    Subperiosteal implants: dental implants that consist of a metal frame fitted below the gum tissue and onto the jawbone. This type of implant also needs two surgeries. Just like with endosteal implants, the artificial tooth crown is attached on top of the root implant.

Our dental implants specialists in Romania can offer you advice on which type of implants suit your needs best.


Cost of dental implants in Romania

Although Romania is still to become a common dental travel destination, the number of foreigners willing to visit the country for quality dental treatments is constantly increasing. Most people inclined to travel for dental treatment abroad come to Romania from the United Kingdom. 
The starting price of a dental implant in Romania is 450 euros while, in the UK, the costs of the same type of treatment starts at 1600 pounds (around 2400 euros VAT included).

If you need more information or you want to make an appointment for a dental implant in Romania, please contact our dental tourism experts.