Teeth Whitening in Poland

Updated on Wednesday 28th September 2016

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Teeth whitening procedures in Poland are becoming more popular because of the low prices and the fact that, even though teeth discoloring does not negatively impact the overall health, it can affect a person’s image and self-esteem. As we age, because of certain medications and depending on the type of life style we have, teeth tend to darken in color making it more difficult for us to smile. This is where teeth whitening in Poland can help, making you look younger and increasing your self-confidence by rendering the teeth their shine back.

Teeth whitening in Poland are dental treatments abroad which can be a very effective solution for these problems, lightening the color of the teeth without breaking or removing their surface. Generally, the original color of the teeth is whitened to a lighter shade, rather than changing it to a complete white.

Methods for teeth whitening in Poland

Teeth whitening in Poland is a dental treatment which can be performed with whitening toothpastes, at-home bleaching or in-office bleaching (a procedure which is done by a dentist). In-office bleaching methods can be comprised of: 

•    Overlay bleaching: This technique utilizes special casts formulated in a dentist’s office. The casts, which contain an active substance, are used at home, the patient being required to apply them of the teeth. The outcomes are generally satisfactory. 
•    Beyond system whitening: A bleaching gel is applied on the teeth, which are afterwards exposed to a Beyond lamp light. This procedure takes two hours and the outcome is noticeable fairly quickly. 
•    Laser teeth whitening: It represents the fastest and possibly the most effective teeth whitening method, being also the most expensive one.

Teeth whitening procedures in Poland are much more affordable than in other Western European countries, with prices averaging EU 170 for an in-office bleaching, while in a country like for example U.K. such a treatment can cost up to EUR 1,500.

Does teeth whitening in Poland work on all teeth?

It is important to discuss with your dentist abroad before deciding to undertake teeth whitening in Poland, because it is possible for whiteners not to function on all types of discoloration. As an example, yellow teeth will most likely respond well to the bleach, brown teeth could not respond so satisfactory and gray shade ones could not whiten at all. Teeth whitening does not function on caps, veneers, crowns or fillings. It also does not have effect on teeth which are discolored because of medications or injuries.

Please get in touch with our dental tourism agents if you would like to schedule for a teeth whitening procedure in Poland.