Surgical Extractions in Poland

Updated on Monday 12th September 2016

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Surgical extractions in Poland, also called “open extractions”, represent the procedure of removing a tooth in which surgical access is required to completely extract the tooth. These types of dental treatments in Poland are effectuated a much lower cost than in other more developed Western European countries, hence the reason many patients are choosing this country as their dental tourism destination.

When are surgical extractions in Poland necessary?

You may need a surgical extraction in Poland if you are in one of the following situations: 

•    If a tooth is broken without being possible to repair it;
•    In case of fragile teeth (unsuccessful root canal treatment);
•    If the tooth has long and curved roots;
•    In the situations of impacted wisdom teeth;
•    If the supernumerary teeth are impacted;
•    When the patient presents high bone density;
•    In case a removal of a broken root tip is required.

After a thorough examination, our dentists abroad can diagnose whether the affected tooth has to be extracted or if it can be saved and reinstated using different techniques. 

Different dental treatments abroad are offered by our partner dental clinic in Poland at extremely affordable costs.

Dental extraction procedures in Poland

There are two types of dental extractions: simple and surgical ones. 

Simple dental extractions are undertaken utilizing only a local anesthetic and are effectuated on the teeth that are observable. The dentist utilizes certain medical devices to lift the tooth and effectuate the operation. 

Surgical dental extractions in Poland are necessary when the tooth cannot be accessed easily and the dentist has to effectuate an incision. For such a procedure, the specialist uses a general anesthetic.

After the extraction of one or several teeth, the dentist can make available a comprehensive dental treatment plan abroad for the post-extraction cure. The patient could be recommended certain antibiotics in order to decrease the risk of infection. After the surgical extraction operation in Poland, swelling might occur and pain killers might be recommended to ease discomfort. After such a procedure, patients can take advantage of various teeth replacement options, including dental implants abroad.

Please contact our dental tourism agents for a thorough and customized dental treatment plan in Poland, suited to your particular needs. You now have the chance to combine dental treatments abroad with visiting interesting and unique landmarks in a lovely country such as Poland.