Root Canal Treatments in Poland

Updated on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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Root canal treatments (also named endodontic treatments) in Poland are operations undergone when the nerve of the blood supply of the tooth (the tooth pulp) is infected because of injury or decay. A lot of people coming from all over Europe decide to choose Poland as a dental tourism destination when taking care of their teeth. 

What do root canal treatments in Poland consist of?

The root canal treatments in Poland are done to eradicate the infection from the root canal. After the infection has been removed, the root canal is uncontaminated and filled to avoid any additional infections. The root canal treatment operation itself is one which necessitates ability and time. Most patients require two visits in order to have a proper root canal treatment

During the initial visit, the dentist abroad removes the infection. All abscesses discovered at this point are drained, as well. After the root canal is uncontaminated, it is possible to shape it for the filling. The tooth is afterwards left to heal and the dentist installs a temporary filling. 

At the second visit, the tooth is verified and after making sure that all the infection has been healed, the final filling is put in its place.

How much time do root canal treatments take in Poland?

Depending on how many root canals are to be treated, the duration of the first visit for a root canal treatment in Poland can vary. Generally however, it takes maximum one hour to complete a root canal treatment. Another visit might be however necessary if the dental treatment abroad is continued with a post or crown installation.

If the purpose of visit is the crown installation and the root canal treatment is done in order to prepare for the crown putting in, the entire treatment might take one or two days.

Why root canal treatments in Poland?

Dental tourism in Poland has recently become extremely popular, due to the high quality of treatments, skills of the Polish dentists and attractive costs. Because of the low wages, the prices of root canal treatments in Poland are much lower compared to Western European countries or the U.S. Besides, you have the chance to visit a fascinating country, with historical places, unique traditional cuisine and clear waters. 

If you would like to make an appointment for a root canal treatment with our dentists in Poland, please contact us.