Dental Implants in Poland

Updated on Wednesday 21st September 2016

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Dental implants have gained a lot of popularity worldwide, but especially in Poland. As a consequence of the never-ending development of dental tourism, more and more people travel every day in order to benefit from cheaper dental care. If you are looking for a competitive dental treatment at western standards, having dental implants in Poland might be exactly what you are searching for.


Reasons why you should pick Poland as your dental travel destination 

Medical tourists started to arrive in a significant number in Poland since 2003 seeking for various medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants and has been on the rise ever since. With the strong investment that is received from the private healthcare providers and the unceasing wave of people willing to travel in order to receive dental treatments abroad, Poland is rapidly becoming one of the leading destinations for healthcare tourism in Europe

Medical tourism and especially dental tourism has been flourishing over the last few years in Poland thanks to the reputation of our specialists in dentistry who adhere to high standards and offer inexpensive treatment. Dental procedures have become extremely valuable as the dentists have gained access to more modern medical equipment, up-to-date technologies, and top-quality materials. The dentists in Poland are highly trained in respectable universities and operate in professional and welcoming facilities enhanced to fit the highest western requirements. If you are looking to save a substantial amount of money and still take advantage of premium dental treatments, you should consider the dental care system in Poland

What are the prices of dental implants in Poland compared to other countries?

Poland’s main customers in the dental industry are tourists coming from the United Kingdom. 

The starting price of a dental implant in Poland is 800 euros compared to a fee starting at 1600 pounds (around 2400 euros VAT included) in the United Kingdom.

If you need more information regarding dental implants in Poland or you want to make an appointment, please contact our dental tourism consultants.