Updated on Wednesday 12th October 2016

Dental Veneers in Poland

 image September 29, 2016

Dental veneers in Poland are made of porcelain or other materials and represent a non-invasive dental procedure which helps restore damaged and discolored teeth, making them look shiny and preventing further damage.

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Teeth Whitening in Poland

 image September 27, 2016

Teeth whitening procedures in Poland are becoming more popular because of the low prices and the fact that, even though teeth discoloring does not negatively impact the overall health, it can affect a person’s image and self-esteem.

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Dental Implants in Poland

 image September 20, 2016

Dental implants have gained a lot of popularity worldwide, but especially in Poland. As a consequence of the never-ending development of dental tourism, more and more people travel every day in order to benefit from cheaper dental care.

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Orthodontics in Poland

 image September 18, 2016

Orthodontic treatment in Poland is a dental method of moving or straightening teeth, to enhance the position and the look of the teeth and the way they function.

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Surgical Extractions in Poland

 image September 10, 2016

Surgical extractions in Poland, also called “open extractions”, represent the procedure of removing a tooth in which surgical access is required to completely extract the tooth.

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Root Canal Treatments in Poland

 image August 31, 2016

Root canal treatments (also named endodontic treatments) in Poland are operations undergone when the nerve of the blood supply of the tooth (the tooth pulp) is infected because of injury or decay.

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