Teeth Whitening in the Philippines

Updated on Wednesday 28th September 2016

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Whether we like it or not, as time passes by, our teeth tend to darken in color and white, shinny teeth become a mere memory for most of us. As we age, and because of our life-style, teeth tend to darken in color making us smile less. So, what is there to do in order to have our smiles back? The solution is teeth whitening in the Philippines: it is cost effective, safe and it gives you the chance to visit one of the top tourism destinations in the world with a welcoming and friendly culture!

What is teeth whitening in the Philippines?

Teeth whitening in the Philippines is a quite basic treatment which consists of applying a whitening gel, commonly containing tooth bleaches such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, on the teeth. These substances are able to dissolve the stains from the teeth into smaller particles, resulting into a less concentrated, whiter color.

Teeth whitening in the Philippines can be achieved by utilizing three methods:

•    In-office whitening;
•    Internal teeth whitening;
•    At home teeth whitening.

In-office whitening, also called chairside whitening, usually requires only one visit to the dentist abroad and has the quickest results. A special gel is applied on the teeth by the dentist, who may also use light energy in order to achieve quicker outcomes. To avoid any chemical burns, the gums are protected with a protection layer.
Internal teeth whitening in the Philippines is utilized for teeth which have darkened in color because of internal reasons. Endodontic treatments can produce internal teeth discoloring, internal whitening being able to brighten the teeth color from the inside.

At home teeth whitening can be achieved using a variety of products which contain a smaller concentration of the bleaching substance, making them safe to be used by the patient himself/herself. These products can consist of toothpastes, gels or toolkits.

If you would like to schedule for such a treatment in the Philippines and to spend your dental holidays here, we invite you to contact one of our local dentists for a personalized offer.