Root Canal Treatments in the Philippines

Updated on Thursday 08th September 2016

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Root Canal Treatments in the Philippines Image
Root canal treatments (endodontic treatments) in the Philippines are dental treatments abroad undertaken by dental tourists from all over the world which clean out the canal of the tooth, the empty space being then filled with an inert substance and a post might be added at the base of the canal for the stability of the tooth. Root canal treatments are used in order to treat an extremely inflamed or infected tooth. The infection develops in the base of the canal, and cannot be cured without an invasive method, because antibiotics cannot help eliminate all the bacteria.

Advice for saving your teeth in the Philippines

Nothing is better than having you natural teeth and patients in the present have more options than ever before to treat them. Here are a few tips for saving your natural teeth:

1.    If the dentist abroad gives you a choice between a root canal treatment in the Philippines and a tooth extraction, always choose the first. Dentistry abroad has yet to produce artificial teeth, bridges or implants which look, feel and function as well as your natural teeth.
2.    Most dentists deliver great flexibility in treating emergency cases, including weekends for some patients, so that you should feel free of pain quickly.
3.    If your dentist recommends extracting the tooth, ask if a root canal treatment could be an alternative.
4.    If your dentist tells you that a root canal procedure in the Philippines is not an option, find out the reason why and ask for referral to an endodontist. Endodontists are dentists who specialize in saving teeth from extraction and have extensive experience in root canal procedures. Your dentist probably works in partnership with endodontists already.

Why the Philippines for root canal treatments?

Quite standard but specialized procedures, root canal treatments can be expensive in Western European countries as well as Australia and New Zeeland, however they are crucial for saving a tooth from extraction. Patients from all over the world come here to have their root canal treatments in the Philippines done because of the low costs of such procedures – which can be 90% cheaper compared to prices for similar operations in their own countries. The Philippines is a great destination for dental holidays, being home of some high quality healthcare facilities which are equipped with the latest diagnostic and dental technologies. Dentists in the Philippines are highly trained, many of them having worked in Western hospitals throughout the world. Filipino dental clinics are very attentive in adopting the latest protocols in hygiene and safety standards.

If you are interested in visiting an amazing country and taking care of your dental health in the same time, please contact our dentists abroad.