Orthodontics in the Philippines

Updated on Thursday 06th October 2016

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A beautiful and healthy smile is key in social relationships and self-confidence. Sometimes your smile may be prevented from being perfect because of different dental problems such as crowded, misaligned or even crooked teeth. An imbalance between jaw and face and jaw and teeth may also be present so this is when orthodontics is a great solution for getting back your smile and self-esteem. 

Our specialists in dental tourism can help you by making some useful recommendations on feasible and affordable orthodontic treatments in the Philippines.

Common orthodontic treatments in the Philippines

Dental braces are appliances commonly used to correct the improper positions of teeth. Conditions like these are called malocclusion between the jaw and teeth. Braces adjust by gradually applying pressure, with the help of arch wires, braces change the positioning of teeth to correct conditions such as misalignment, improper bite and teeth crowding.

When it comes to traditional orthodontics, metal braces are fixed using an adhesive first as being placed on teeth and the brackets are then individually applied to the teeth. After that, through the brackets a wire will be fitted in order to fix them into place. Regarding the duration of the treatment, it is variable, patients will need to see the orthodontist every 4 or 6 weeks to have their braces readjusted and tightened.

Braces are made from stainless steel with titanium or simply stainless though nowadays there’s a higher demand for aesthetic ones. Many dentists abroad recommend ceramic braces or clear plastic braces, also known as Invisalign. Other orthodontic option is given by lingual braces which are as strong as traditional braces; they are not visible because they are applied on the backs of the teeth. If you are interested in what orthodontic treatment in the Philippines might be best for your needs, our dental tourism experts will offer their guidance in the matter.

Types of braces in the Philippines

The most common type of braces is the metal ones, being the easiest to maintain but also the most affordable. The metal wires and brackets require periodic tightening. Gradual, gentle pressure is applied in order to correct teeth positioning.

Not as visible as metal ones, ceramic braces have a clear, translucent appearance combined with aesthetic and comfortable design. They look great and also inspire self confidence because they are discreet, matching the teeth color.

The ‘independent’ braces that don’t need elastic or metal ties when being applied are the self-ligating braces which use a movable component that is permanently installed in order to entrap the wire thereby and then reduce the amount of pressure exerted on the teeth. They are more cosmetic and much smaller than other braces; the teeth movement is much faster, so the wearing period is shortened.

A new type of braces, known as Invisalign is a set of clear (non-visible), made of plastic removable trays, custom fitted to your teeth without any traditional brackets and wires being needed. They perfectly fit on the curvature of the rear teeth surface. 

Lingual braces are very efficient, less intrusive and are attached on the inner teeth surface where they cannot be seen, behind the teeth. Made of metal, they are perfect for the ones that wish their appearance not be affected by any other visible orthodontic appliances that would distract. 

After a detailed medical history and complete examination that may include X-rays of your teeth and jaw, the dentist abroad will make a treatment plan that suits to your unique needs. 

In case you are wondering what is the cost of any of these orthodontic treatments in the Philippines, you must know that braces cost between €650 and €1000, and of course the price will depend on the type of treatment you need. In comparison, in Thailand the price for the same kind of treatment can start from €1500 and reach up to €2300. You may ask our specialists for more details about orthodontics treatments and dental tourism offers

Please contact our dental tourism experts in order to receive detailed information related to orthodontic treatments in the Philippines.