Dental Veneers in the Philippines

Updated on Thursday 12th January 2017

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Dental veneers in the Philippines are an affordable option available for patients interested in dental tourism. This type of dental treatment abroad consists of applying a thin layer of a special material over the front of the tooth. This special material can be porcelain, or sometimes a composite material.

When are dental veneers in the Philippines necessary?

According to the Oral Health Foundation, veneers are utilized in dentistry abroad when a patient’s teeth need to have an improved color, positioning or shape. Dental veneers in the Philippines can be fabricated in a certain shade in order to improve the color of one single discolored tooth, or to render a better shade of the front teeth.

Also, dental veneers can be applied by a dentist abroad when a tooth is chipped, making it look whole again. In this case, the veneer covers the entire front surface of a tooth and a thicker portion replaces the broken piece.

They can also be utilized to close small gaps which make the patient feel unhappy with its appearance, in those cases when orthodontic treatments are not an option. 

Other times, a dental veneers in the Philippines might be used to straighten a tooth that is slightly out of line from the other teeth, being capable to align it in a very aesthetic manner.

What are the advantages of dental veneers in the Philippines?

Dental veneers in the Philippines have the following main advantages:

•    Are cost-effective, their prices being much lower in the Philippines compared to other Western European or North American countries;
•    Porcelain veneers do not get stained;
•    Their color can be chosen as to make dark teeth look whiter;
•    Generally, veneers do not necessitate for the teeth to be shaped extensively like for example when crowns are applied, however they are a better looking and stronger alternative to crowns;
•    They confer a natural look;
•    The gum tissue tolerates very well the materials they are made of.

If you would like to spend your dental holidays in this country and have your dental veneers done in the Philippines, we invite you to contact our dental tourism executives to discuss all the necessary arrangements.