Teeth Whitening in Mexico

Updated on Tuesday 27th September 2016

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Having a bright smile is a sign of health and well-being. However, as we age, our teeth tend to darken in color and most of us are affected by tooth discoloration at some point in our lives. Luckily, there are a number of treatments available in top dental tourism destinations to render us back a bright teeth color without damaging our dental health. Most of the teeth whitening treatments function by the use of a bleaching agent, usually containing peroxide, which, when it is utilized at save levels, removes the stains from the teeth that cause discoloration. 

There are three types of teeth whitening methods in Mexico:

1.    In-office whitening;
2.    At-home whitening;
3.    Whitening toothpastes.

In-office whitening in Mexico

Also known as chairside whitening, in-office teeth whitening in Mexico is executed in a dentist’ office. It is normally achieved in only one visit to the dentist abroad and it consists of applying a protective gel on the gums or a rubber shield in order to look after the gums first. Then, the bleach is spread over the teeth. The dentist might also utilize a special light or a laser to increase the action of the whitening agent.

Laser whitening in Mexico

Laser teeth whitening in Mexico, also sometimes called “power whitening”, is a more rapid in-office bleaching treatment which generally costs more than a normal teeth whitening procedure. Just like described above, a bleaching agent is applied on the teeth, after which the teeth are exposed to a powerful light that quickens the process of eliminating internal tooth stains.

The entire process is very rapid and it lasts maximum two hours. Some patients report immediate improvements in their teeth color however additional at-home treatments undertaken under the supervision of a dentist abroad might be necessary, especially if the teeth staining level is an advanced one.

Why in-office whitening?

When applying a bleaching gel such as peroxide on your teeth, there is the risk of burning the gums. Therefore, DIY home kits, together with teeth whitening strips, are not delivered with the same strength compared to the ones used in a dentist’s office. As a result, they are less effective, or require more uses in order to have effect on the teeth color, leading sometimes to teeth sensitivity or gum irritation. Inappropriate use or overuse of bleach could also hurt the enamel of the teeth, which is the reason why in-office teeth whitening in Mexico is preferable to the at-home one. 

Please let our dental tourism agents know if you would like to schedule for such a treatment in Mexico.