Root Canal Treatments in Mexico

Updated on Wednesday 14th September 2016

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Root canal (also named endodontic) treatments in Mexico are required to be operated by dentists abroad when the tooth pulp, located inside the tooth walls, becomes damaged because of decay, poor hygiene, trauma or old age. When this happens, an infection can occur, which could lead to further complications.

What do root canal treatments imply?

The primary purpose of root canal treatments in Mexico is to save the affected teeth from extraction. The dentist abroad removes the tooth pulp though a highly specialized procedure, then cleans the tooth to ensure there is no infection or pus left, applies medication to kill the bacteria, fills in the tooth and seals it to avoid any further infection.

In order to seal the tooth, the dentist might utilize a temporary filling. After the infection has been cured, a permanent filling can be used. 

Care after root canal treatments in Mexico

It is common to feel a certain tenderness in the area for several days after the root canal treatment in Mexico while the body goes through the natural healing process. Patients might feel a certain tenderness in the jaw as well if kept open for a longer period of time. These are temporary and usually the patient can feel more comfortable after taking over-the-counter pain medications. It is imperative that patients follow the exact instructions on how to take these medications. Some narcotic medications, if prescribed, could make the patients drowsy therefore they should be cautious when operating dangerous machinery or driving after taking them.

The main guidelines for post-treatment care recommended by dentists are:

•    Do not eat anything until the numbness in your mouth goes away. This will avoid any biting of the cheeks or tongue.
•    Do not bite or chew on the treated tooth until the dentist has restored it.
•    Make sure you brush and floss your teeth as normal.
•    If the tooth opening was filled with a temporary filling, sometimes a thin layer can wear off between the visits to your dentist. It is however necessary to contact your dentist if you feel the entire filling came out.

Why root canal treatments in Mexico?

A lot of patients worldwide choose Mexico as their main dental tourism destination because the prices for dental treatments here can be 70% smaller than those of similar services in their own countries. Root canal treatments in Mexico are quite standard dental procedures and dentists here have gained a strong reputation for offering professional and high standard dental services. And while here, one can enjoy the excellent food, especially if you prefer it spicy!

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