Root Canal Treatments in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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If the nerve of a tooth becomes infected, a root canal (endodontic) treatment in Malaysia allows you to keep it instead of having an extraction done. Keeping your natural tooth enables you to prevent the other teeth from drifting out of line and causing further jaw issues. Saving a natural tooth avoids the need of having dental implants, which can be much more costly in certain European countries and time consuming.

Root canal retreatment

The majority of root canal treatments in Malaysia are successful. However, for some rare patients, a secondary root canal treatment might be necessary. This is called retreatment. When retreating a tooth, the root canal filling material is extracted, the canal is cleaned again, reshaped and filled for a second time.

Restoration after root canal treatment in Malaysia

After root canal treatments in Malaysia have been undertaken, the tooth must be restored in order to have a natural look and confer a normal sensation similarly to a natural tooth. If the root canal treatment was performed by an endonontist, he or she will fill the tooth opening with a temporary filling and then advise you to see a dentist abroad for tooth restoration.

The dentist could utilize a permanent filling or crown to restore the tooth. The chosen restoration depends on the strength of the tooth part that is left. A back tooth is probably going to need a crown as chewing sets a great force on the back teeth. If there is not enough left from the tooth, the dentist might use posts to help support the crown.

Why dental treatments in Malaysia?

With prices for dental care in most European and North American countries being out of reach for many hard working patients, more people from all over the world choose to combine a holiday in beautiful Malaysia with extremely affordable dental treatments abroad. The multicultural nation offers modern and highly equipped dental clinics with English speaking dentists who are exceptionally qualified to cater for all patients’ dental needs. 

The center of dental care in Malaysia is the capital Kuala Lumpur, where there are hundreds of dentists who practice at very professional standards. Dental tourism clinics are available though in most major holiday destinations such as the island of Penang. Because most root canal treatments in Malaysia require a short recovery period, patients can combine dental care with a holiday in one of the most welcoming and beautiful countries in Asia.

If you would like to go on a dental holiday in Malaysia, feel free to schedule a dental consutation with one of our local dentists.