Orthodontics in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 07th September 2016

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Having a healthy smile is something that every person would wish for. Sometimes there are some aspects that prevent it from being so, such as malocclusion, crooked or crowded teeth. Orthodontics in Malaysia could be the best option for you to regain your beautiful smile and become a confident person. Our specialists in dental tourism can help you by offering some great information and tips on the treatment plans you could choose after you’ve seen a dentist abroad.

Common problems that need orthodontic treatment in Malaysia

Patients who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth and who need orthodontics in Malaysia confront with the following dental cases:

•    crowding occurs when the dental ridge has an inability to accommodate all of the teeth and there is a difference between jaw and tooth size or between the size of the upper and lower jaws, which has as an consequence the overcrowding of the teeth. A person with crowded teeth might have multiple teeth overlapping each other or a tooth overlapping a portion of another;
•    overbite and increase overjet is when the upper teeth tend to protrude or stick out far too forward than the teeth below;
•    spacing between teeth can be due to a missing tooth or to teeth that do not properly fill the mouth. Tooth and jaw size discrepancy is often a cause for gaps and space between teeth
•    reverse overjet happens when the bottom teeth fall farther forward than the upper teeth;
•    open bite refers to the inability to use the front teeth to bite and it is commonly associated with childhood habits such as tongue thrusting, thumb sucking and use of pacifier beyond age of three;
•    misplaced midline is when the midpoint of an individual’s upper front teeth does not match up properly with the midpoint of the bottom front teeth or with the midline of the face;
•    crossbite is when the upper teeth do not come down in front of the bottom teeth during a normal bite. This is actually the lateral misalignment of the dental arches.

Our dental tourism experts will recommend you see an orthodontist in order to make a thorough examination of your teeth, ask for a medical and dental history and even have X-rays of your mouth and jaw to fully identify your dental problem.

Most used orthodontic appliances in Malaysia

In Malaysia there are three widely available types of braces you can choose from, of course, depending on the treatment the dentist abroad recommended. 

Metal braces are the most common appliances and through the brackets and wires that fix this orthodontic system it is applied on the teeth a gentle pressure that will determine teeth movement. Sometimes before applying these braces, a tooth extraction might be needed in order to make room for the correct teeth future alignment. Metal braces are attractive and suited to playful persons who can combine differently colored brackets for this appliance.

Damon braces system is not provided in all dental clinics abroad. These braces do not require rubber bands, being more comfortable than conventional ones. Also, the brackets implied allow wires to slide, giving patients more freedom of movement and removes the need of tightening the braces monthly. This type of braces does not imply tooth extraction

Invisalign braces are actually invisible, being made of plastic. Equipped with clear molds that act as aligners, they can be removed for brushing teeth. These braces offer a great level of confidence, comfort and convenience, having a positive impact on how the patient looks and feels about him/herself. 

Orthodontics in Malaysia is the best solution for your needs in teeth alignment, both because of the inexpensive costs of the treatments and the guaranteed quality and expertise. If you are interested in the prices of dental braces in Malaysia, you must know that an average treatment price for applying Damon braces starts from €1500, whereas in Singapore, the cost of conventional braces starts from €2500.

Consider choosing the most cost-effective option in Malaysia and also think about enjoying a dental holiday – having your orthodontic treatment done while visiting some beautiful places in Malaysia at very low prices. Contact our dental tourism specialists for more detailed information regarding orthodontics in Malaysia.