Dental Implants in Malaysia

Updated on Wednesday 07th September 2016

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Dental implants are, in fact, titanium screws or cylinders that are placed into the jawbone in order to replace the missing teeth. Titanium is the most tolerated material by the human body, it doesn’t trigger allergies and it doesn’t corrode like other metals do. Implants are one of the latest innovations in dental care. If you want to benefit from premium dentistry technology at incredible prices, you should try our dental implants in Malaysia.

Why look for a dental implant specialist in Malaysia?

With the health tourism industry continuing to rapidly grow and develop, more people nowadays are starting to realize the benefits of high-quality dental treatment abroad. Although there are plenty of dental tourism destinations available worldwide that provide cheap dental care, Malaysia is paving its way into becoming a very popular choice: it is a top 5 worldwide dental holiday destination.  

Opting for dental tourism means traveling abroad for inexpensive dental treatments and dental surgery, which are more expensive in one’s home country.

While it is not as cheap as Thailand or India, Malaysia is a wonderful choice if you appreciate having a more relaxed environment for your dental holiday, while still taking advantage of the low priced treatments. The most prefered options for tourists that are looking to benefit from dental implants in Malaysia are Kuala Lumpur (the capital city), a magnificent city offering great food and inexpensive distractions, and the Malaysian part of Borneo, a wonderful place for discovering the wildlife or just relaxing in the exotic island scenery. 

Malaysia is a culturally diverse country. Malaysian dentists are true professionals with degrees from Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US that work in state-of-the-art dental clinics with modern equipment. Most dentists and their staff are fluent in English. The materials used for dental implants in Malaysia are provided by internationally acclaimed manufacturers, offer warranty for life and, in case of implant failure, free replacement is granted.

Cost of dental implants in Malaysia

Malaysia has become a major attraction for tourists that are looking to take advantage of cheap dental implants. The country is visited mostly by Australians that want quality dental treatments at prices beyond comparison to their country’s dental care offer.

While the cost of an dental implant in Australia is around 1500 euro, the price of a dental implant in Malaysia starts at 900 dollars.

If you would like to receive more information about dental implants in Malaysia, please contact our dental tourism specialists.