Dental Implants in India

Updated on Monday 19th September 2016

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Dental implants are artificial teeth that are designed to perfectly imitate natural teeth. Dentistry has become an important attraction as dental tourism in India has continuously flourished over the years. Tourists from all around the world have started to opt for dental implants in India due to the low priced quality procedures offered.

What are dental implants and how do you choose the right type?

Dental implants in India provide a strong base for fixed or removable dentures. Implants are most commonly made of three pieces: the implant screw (usually made of titanium, although some dental clinics have started implementing metal-free all-porcelain implants), the abutment (the tooth base) and the porcelain crown (the visible tooth).

Dental implants in India are divided into two big categories: endosteal implants and subperiosteal implants.
•    endosteal dental implants are implants that are surgically inserted into the jawbone (implant screws) and are of two kinds:
-   standard dental implants that are strong, offer big stability and can be used for replacing one or more teeth or serve as support for both fixed and removable dentures;
-   mini dental implants that are less strong, cheaper, and half the size of standard implants and are only used as a base for fixed and removable dentures;
•    subperiosteal dental implants are implants which encompass a metal frame that is permanently incorporated into the jawbone, below the gums. As soon as the gum tissue is completely healed, the artificial teeth are fixed on top of the dental implant.

Our dental tourism experts can help you find out which type of dental implants are suited in your case.

Why choose a dental holiday in India?

Dental tourism in India has been on the rise over the past few years and is unquestionably becoming one of the most important and most sought out dental travel destinations in Asia. More and more people are realizing nowadays that it is much more convenient to opt for dental treatments abroad instead of paying a large sum of money for dental implants in their countries.

Dental tourism in India forms around 30 percent of the country’s medical tourism. Most of the dentists in India are trained in the US and are specialized in dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Dental tourism allows people to save a large amount of money on top-quality dental treatments while exploring the wonderfully exotic country that is India.

India’s dental care fees are the cheapest in the world and, although the plane tickets can be costly, it is still the best dental tourism destination if you want to save money, take advantage of high-quality treatments and enjoy a fascinating vacation. 

Many people travel for dental implants in India from Australia, the US, and all over Europe (especially the UK).
The cost of a dental implant in Australia is around 1500 euro. In the UK, the same procedure has a starting price of 1600 pounds (around 2400 euros VAT included), while an implant in India costs roughly 400 euros.

If you need more information on dental implants in India or you want to make an appointment, please contact our dental tourism specialists.