Teeth Whitening in Hungary

Updated on Wednesday 21st September 2016

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Teeth whitening has increased in popularity in the last years. With aging, our teeth have the tendency to darken or to become stained because of the consumption of certain foods and drinks or habits like smoking. Because of these reasons, patients undergo teeth whitening procedures in Hungary in order to whiten their teeth at extremely affordable costs.

How does teeth whitening in Hungary function?

Teeth whitening in Hungary is a basic procedure for which many people all around Europe come to this country for their dental holidays. Whitening products are comprised of one or two tooth bleaches – hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide – which break stains into smaller particles, rendering a less concentrated, whiter teeth color

Teeth whitening options in Hungary

Before beginning teeth whitening, talk to your dentist abroad. If you are an appropriate candidate, there are three methods in which the procedure can be done:

•    Whitening toothpastes: All toothpastes are helpful in removing the surface stains by the mild abrasives which scrub the teeth. Seek your dentist’s advice for safe whitening toothpastes which have distinct chemical or polishing agents to remove effectively the teeth stains. Dissimilar from bleaches, these types of products do not however alter the color of the teeth, being able to only remove the stains on the surface, hence they are not as effective as the ones used in a dentist’s office.
•    In-office bleaching: this method is also named chairside bleaching and generally involves a single visit to the dentist. A protective gel or a rubber shield is applied on the gums in order to protect them. Afterwards, the bleach is applied on the teeth. The dentist might use a special light or laser which can increase the action of the whitening agent for this teeth whitening method in Hungary.
•    At-home bleaching: Whiteners containing peroxide essentially bleach the tooth enamel. They generally come in the form of a gel and are applied in a tray which comes on the teeth. An alternative could consist in a whitening strip which sticks to the teeth. The bleaching concentration is smaller than what the dentist utilizes in his or her office, therefore the results are not as successful as those of in-office bleaching. This method can endanger the tooth enamel or even cause gum burns, so the safest teeth whitening method is the one effectuated by a professional dentist.

Be advised that overuse of whiteners could damage the tooth enamel or gums, so make sure you talk to your dentist first and follow the instructions before undertaking teeth whitening in Hungary.

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