Surgical Extractions in Hungary

Updated on Monday 02nd January 2017

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Hungary is one of the countries with the most developed dental tourism, as the costs for dental treatments here are much lower than in other more developed countries. 

Surgical extractions in Hungary – also named open extractions - are extractions of teeth which require the removal of gum tissue or bone in order to be achieved. This type of tooth removal techniques requires stitches to close the wound in order to heal appropriately. It is performed under a local anesthetic administered by the dentist abroad and it might require a more specific pain medication after the procedure has been effectuated. 

Reasons for surgical extractions in Hungary

In general, surgical extractions in Hungary might be necessary because the teeth are traumatized, crowded or decayed beyond restoration. This type of dental treatment abroad could also be needed for teeth which are not supported by enough bone because of the periodontal illness. Abscessed teeth which do not respond to root canal treatments might also have to be surgically extracted.

Many times an orthodontist could recommend the surgical extraction of one or two teeth prior to effectuating an orthodontic treatment, in the cases when the teeth are overly crowded. In the same time, many times a surgical extraction in Hungary might be performed on a wisdom tooth because it can grow in a difficult position behind the molars.

Aftercare instructions for surgical extractions in Hungary

A surgical extraction in Hungary usually requires only a few days to recover from. After the operation of tooth removal, the patient might experience a certain degree of discomfort. In rare cases, the dentist abroad might prescribe pain releasing medications. In order to have the quickest possible recovery, take the following measures after a surgical extraction in Hungary:

•    To avoid saturation, apply fresh gauze pads;
•    After 24 hours, rinse your mouth with salt water a few times daily;
•    If there is swelling, use ice packs;
•    Do not touch the surgery site with your tongue;
•    Consume easy to eat and soft foods;
•    Do not engage in intense physical activity;
•    Avoid smoking, spitting or drinking with straws because these may cause more bleeding.

To make an appointment for a surgical extraction in Hungary, please contact our dental tourism representatives.