Orthodontics in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 06th October 2016

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Everyone knows how important a beautiful smile is. Given the fact that a first impression is based on the appearance the other person has, dental health is like a business card. In addition, it's vital for your general health, but also for your personal relationships. Crooked or crowded teeth are unattractive and difficult to maintain healthy. 

Orthodontics in Hungary is an inexpensive way of regaining your confidence and oral health and if you are interested in an orthodontic treatment here, our consultants in dental tourism can offer specific and detailed information on the matter.

Orthodontic treatment in Hungary

Orthodontics' purpose is to treat any type of misalignment of your teeth that may affect your jaws, lips in lining up the way they should. This is why your teeth may be crooked and hard to care and your normal bite may not fold correctly or your jaws may be unbalanced.

In order to fix incorrect bites and provide jaw and teeth alignment, orthodontists in Hungary use braces and appliances as corrective procedures. 

Our specialists in dental tourism can recommend Hungarian dentists abroad who will first have you a professional dental examination. Most important, in order to obtain the best results regarding your orthodontic treatment, you have to have a good oral health, with no tooth decay or gum diseases.

Panoramic X-rays might be also recommended before a treatment plan is developed in order to know whether removable appliances (such as aligners, lip and cheek bumpers or removable retainers or space maintainers) or fixed appliances (braces or special fixed appliances) are right for you according to your diagnostic. The latter are attached to the front surface of teeth or to the inner one and are very efficient in achieving accurate and predictable teeth movement. An aesthetic alternative to obvious metal brackets are the discrete ceramic brackets. They are hardly observable and offer a rapid and predictable solution. 

For more information about the various orthodontic appliances and the perfect treatment for you, we can put you in contact with a dental clinic in Hungary we collaborate with.

Dental tourism in Hungary

Many orthodontic specialists in Hungary can help you by offering quality dental treatments at competitive prices that are much lower than other countries. On the other hand, you can enjoy the idea of dental tourism, having a vacation in Hungarian resorts while also having your teeth corrected.

As said before, orthodontic specialists can recommend cost-effective treatments, at much lower prices than other destinations in Europe. For example, the price for ceramic braces on the outside per jaw is £740 in comparison to the average price in UK, £2000. The difference is huge and the savings you get by choosing dental tourism in Hungary are remarkable.

If we caught your attention, do not hesitate to contact our dental tourism consultants in order to obtain the most relevant information and assistance on the matter.