Dental Veneers in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 22nd December 2016

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Dental veneers in Hungary are a great way to improve your looks and regain your self-confidence by fixing cracked, chipped or uneven teeth. Hungary is a popular dental tourism destination because these types of dental treatments can be effectuated here at much lower prices they cost in most countries in Europe. Dental veneers in Hungary look extremely beautiful, natural and they can last for up to 20 years.

What are dental veneers in Hungary?

Dental veneers are thin ceramic or porcelain layers which are glued to the surface of the teeth to render a beautiful and natural look. This type of dental treatment abroad can be used when a portion of the tooth has broken, in case there is a great discoloring, if the teeth are badly aligned, have an uneven shape or there is a big gap between the adjacent teeth. 

Dental veneers in Hungary can be made of the following materials:

•     Porcelain: they are extremely durable, look very natural and have to be prepared in a laboratory. They can last for 7 to 20 years, being stain resistant, however they are more costly;
•    Composite resin: this type of veneers is made of materials that are not so pricey and can be set in only one visit to the dentist abroad. They are not as durable as the porcelain ones though, being necessary to replace them after five to seven years;
•    Lumineers: these are newer, thinner veneers which are utilized for smaller imperfections. Before gluing them, it is not needed to first reshape the teeth enamel and they can be replaced later on. They are more affordable than the ones listed above.

When are dental veneers in Hungary necessary?

Dental veneers in Hungary are able to improve the tooth shape, position and color. They can be made in a certain shade to confer the right color in order to improve the look of one single tooth that is stained or discolored or to lighten the color of the front teeth, generally the superior ones. A dental veneer is also able to restore a chipped tooth and make it appear untouched. Or, it can be utilized to close small gaps, in the cases where other types of dental treatments abroad – like orthodontics – cannot be effectuated. Also, if one single tooth is somewhat out of line, a dental veneer in Hungary can be applied to bring it in position with the other teeth.

If you would like to have your dental veneers effectuated in Hungary, we invite you to contact our dental tourism representatives.