Dental Implants in Hungary

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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Dental implantology is an area of dentistry that utilizes dental prosthesis as a method to replace missing or decaying teeth. Amongst with other types of dental procedures, dental implants in Hungary have gained a lot of popularity. More and more tourists choose to travel all over the world in order to have access to cheaper alternatives to the dental treatments offered by their home countries.

Why are dental implants in Hungary more convenient?  

Dental implants look and feel very natural. Our dental tourism specialists in Hungary are schooled in respectable and trusted universities and are trained to work with up-to-date technology and advanced equipment. Our team wants to provide a safe and pleasant experience to its patients and seeks to offer treatments that comply with western standards in dentistry at cheaper prices.
Hungary is the leading country in dental tourism and has become the favorite destination for people from France, Austria and UK. The cost of a dental implant in Hungary is between 530 and 600 euros, compared to a starting price of 1600 pounds (around 2400 euros VAT included) in the United Kingdom.

Choosing the right type of dental implants in Hungary

Dental implants nowadays work on the process of osseointegration. This means that the root implant (a screw made of titanium) fuses to the bone in a period of time between three to twelve months. That depends on every patient’s health and their commitment to their oral hygiene and smoking habits. 

There are two types of dental implants in Hungary:

•    standard dental implants are stronger than mini dental implants, have a bigger stability, and are much more comfortable with chewing tougher foods. Standard implants can be used to serve as support for both fixed and removable dentures.

•    mini dental implants are used as a base for fixed and removable dentures. Mini implants are half the size of a standard implant, a thing that reduces considerably the healing process. They are cheaper than standard implants, but they are also half as strong.

Both standard and mini implants are made of the same material, titanium. Titanium is the most often used material in medical bone implants and, out of all types of surgical implants, it has the highest success rate in dental implantology all over the world. Our dental tourism agents can offer you more details about dental implantology in Hungary.

You can contact our team if you want to receive more information regarding dental implants in Hungary.