Teeth Whitening in Dubai

Updated on Friday 16th September 2016

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Teeth whitening in Dubai is a popular treatment among dental tourists because it can render a bright smile in a relatively short period of time, allowing patients to regain their self-confidence and restoring their self-image. 

Teeth whitening in Dubai consists of applying whitening gels containing tooth bleaches like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide on the teeth. These bleaches are able to dissolve the teeth stains into smaller molecules, rendering a less concentrated, brighter teeth color.

Teeth whitening methods in Dubai

Teeth whitening in Dubai can be achieved by utilizing three methods:

•    With whitening toothpastes: it works for superficial teeth staining;
•    In-office bleaching: undertaken at a dentist’s office;
•    At-home bleaching: with products which contain a smaller concentration of the bleaching agent than in-office ones, for safety reasons.

In-office teeth whitening in Dubai

In-office teeth whitening in Dubai is the most effective teeth whitening method because it produces quite rapid results which can be observed immediately, implying minimal risks. It generally necessitates only one visit to the dentist abroad. The reason for which it is so effective is because of the bleaching agents used, in conjunction with a special light or laser which accelerate the whitening process. These agents have a stronger concentration of the whitening substances than those used at home, because the gums and the rest of the oral cavity can be protected by the dentist. Teeth can brighten with up to 10 shades and the entire procedure lasts for around an hour.

Side effects of teeth whitening in Dubai

Since it is not considered a medical procedure, teeth whitening in Dubai involves no pain and leads to minimal side effects when undertaken appropriately. However, some patients experience side effects such as tooth sensitivity, which takes place if the peroxide from the bleaching gel protrudes the dentin and touches the nerve of the tooth. For most cases, this sensitivity is temporary. The dental treatment abroad can be postponed and then undertaken again if necessary.

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