Orthodontics in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Not everyone has the luck to be born with beautiful teeth. Crooked, misaligned or crowded teeth are known to determine sense of embarrassment in relation to other people and low self-esteem. Our specialists in dental tourism can recommend trustworthy, professional and affordable orthodontic solutions and services in Dubai in order to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.

Importance of orthodontics in Dubai

There are many dental problems that need orthodontics and most of them are related to teeth that do not meet correctly (the upper teeth with the lower teeth). Bite problems usually can be observed by the age of 6 up to 12 years old. On the other side, crowding and even spacing can be really unappealing dental cases, affecting the way a person’s smile looks. Of course, everyone has the notion of perfect smile appearance, so they look at the people around through this universal perspective. Orthodontics fight for this image to be restored for everyone with teeth alignment problems, since a beautiful smile is a great asset for everyone, playing a huge role in one’s self-confidence. Correcting improperly aligned teeth and a bad bite is relevant not only because of aesthetic reasons, but also for a good oral health and proper functioning.

If you are interested in ways of correcting your misalignment problems, our experts in dental tourism can put you in touch with highly qualitative and affordable orthodontic clinics in Dubai.

Orthodontic treatment options in Dubai 

You must know that healthy teeth can be adjusted at any time in your life. Actually, many orthodontic cases are equally easy to correct for both adults and children.

There are a lot of treatment choices to correct crowded or crooked teeth including retainers, aligners and braces (micro braces, invisible, metal, or ceramic ones). The latter option is the most common among patients and has various types that fit to every unique need of correcting teeth alignment issues.

Invisalign aligners are clear and worn over your teeth. They are custom-made and will gently and slowly move your teeth in place. Invisalign aligners do not have metal brackets or wires that need to be tightened; they are removable and can help you achieve the smile you wish for without changing your lifestyle.

Another orthodontic system is the incognito braces (also known as lingual braces) being applied to the backs of your teeth so no one will see you’re wearing braces. These hidden braces have intelligent brackets and wires designed to deliver the personalized results your teeth need. Incognito braces are effective in correcting all types of orthodontic problems for both children and adults.

The Damon system has discreet, comfortable and easy to maintain and keep clean braces. In the case of Damon braces, the brackets hold the wire in place without any need for elastics or metal ties. They allow for more freedom of movement and eliminate the need for periodic tightening. 

Made of strong composite materials, ceramic braces match the color of the teeth, being less noticeable, aspect that makes them popular among many patients. The brackets are made of porcelain or ceramic materials while the wires are made of metal alloys, pressuring a gentle but constant force to move teeth.

Metal braces are the traditional option for correcting crooked teeth and bad bites. They have strong, stainless steel brackets, wired and tiny o-shaped rubber bands. Being less expensive than braces, they have a great variety of options regarding the colors of the ligatures.

If you are wondering what are the costs for such orthodontic treatments in Dubai, you must know that they fairly accessible. For braces you might pay a starting point of €900. Our dental tourism experts will recommend you consider a dental holiday so that you can enjoy a professional dental treatment while visiting attractive Dubai

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