Dental Implants in Dubai

Updated on Monday 12th September 2016

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Dental implants are recognized by dental experts as the most effective option of dental procedure for teeth restoration. Dental implants in Dubai are replacements for missing teeth and they are tailored to last up to a lifetime. 

Why are the dental implants in Dubai the best option for replacing teeth?

Dental implants have revolutionized the dental industry. Before dental implants were developed, dentists used to rely on bridges, partial, or complete removable dentures in order to replace one or more missing or decayed teeth. Bridges require existing crowns, thing that may compromise existing teeth that have to be altered to fit with the bridges. In most of the cases, deciding to go for bridges in order to replace a tooth leads to an accelerated and irreversible formation of cavity and tooth decay.

Dental implants in Dubai provide a natural solution for replacing missing or decaying teeth, improves the overall oral health, and enhances self-esteem. Dental implants are small titanium screw roots that are fitted into in the jawbone and function and look just like real teeth.

While most of the conventional dental implant procedures can take from three to twelve months to heal and complete, some dental clinics in Dubai offer same day treatments that can be completed in three appointments. The dentists in Dubai work with cutting-edge equipment, latest technologies, and modern materials in professional and friendly clinics that offer better alternatives to conventional dental procedures. 

Our dental tourism specialists can offer you more information about the types of implants and the available dental procedures in Dubai

Why choose Dubai as a dental holiday destination?

Dubai is a top 10 dental tourism destination entirely based on luxurious tourism. If you travel for dental treatments in Dubai, you will have an extraordinary opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, explore the vast Arabian Desert, enjoy the surreal beaches, and have a unique shopping experience. The Emirates have one of the most highly trained dentists in the world, with many renowned clinics from the US and Europe opening private dental clinics in Dubai.

The city is known to be an important business and touristic hub in Asia. Although it is very far from Europe and the US, Dubai has many international connections and it is easily accessible by plane from every major city in the world (it is linked to more than 200 worldwide destinations). 

Most people that travel for dental holidays abroad come to Dubai from the US, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, and Switzerland. The cost of a dental implant in Dubai starts at 1000 euros, around the same value as Germany, while the same dental procedure in the US is approximately 3600 euros.

If you need more information regarding dental implants in Dubai, please contact our dental tourism consultants.