Teeth Whitening in the Czech Republic

Updated on Friday 16th September 2016

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Bright teeth are no longer a luxury with teeth whitening procedures in the Czech Republic! More and more men and women from all over Europe are coming to this country to improve the look of their teeth because of the low costs of such procedures compared to the similar ones in their own countries and the high level of professional standards which are offered here.

What is teeth whitening in the Czech Republic?

First of all, let us understand what the process of teeth whitening in the Czech Republic consists of. It essentially means bleaching the teeth in order to render them a brighter shade. Teeth whitening cannot render the teeth a pure white color, however it can lighten their current color to a whiter shade. 

Types of tooth staining

There are two categories of staining which produce tooth discoloration:

•    Extrinsic staining: it emerges at the teeth surface because of consumption of dark-colored drinks, food and tobacco, as well as repetitive wear and tear. Superficial extrinsic staining is minor and may be eliminated with brushing and prophylactic tooth cleaning. Deeper extrinsic staining can be more difficult to eliminate, for example by undertaking teeth bleaching by a dentist abroad. Persistent extrinsic staining can infiltrate into the dentin (the bony tissue which forms the bulk of a tooth, under the enamel) and become imbedded if not treated soon;
•    Intrinsic staining: it forms on the inside of the tooth. It can be a result of aging, injury, exposure to minerals (for example tetracycline) when the teeth are formed and/or too much fluoride ingestion. Although in the past it was considered that intrinsic staining was not possible to remove, in the present dentistry professionals abroad affirm that it can be eliminated with supervised home teeth whitening which is used for several months or even a whole year. 

In-office teeth whitening in the Czech Republic

In-office teeth whitening in the Czech Republic is a procedure which is effectuated at a dentist’s office. It can produce important changes in the teeth color in a relatively short period of time, generally requiring only one visit. The procedure consists of using a quite high concentrated peroxide gel which is applied on the teeth by the dentist abroad or by a dental technician. The gums are protected with a rubber dam. The peroxide gel is left on the teeth for several 15 to 20 minutes intervals which can add up to maximum one hour. 

If you would like to schedule for a teeth whitening treatment in the Czech Republic, please get in touch with our dental tourism agents.