Surgical Extractions in the Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 12th September 2016

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Surgical Extractions in the Czech Republic Image
Surgical extractions in the Czech Republic represent more difficult procedures of tooth extractions, being undertaken when the teeth are fractured at the gum line or they have not erupted in the oral cavity. The oral surgeon effectuates a minor incision in the gum in order to surgically extract the fractured or impacted wisdom teeth.

When are surgical extractions in Czech Republic necessary?

Commonly, teeth extractions are effectuated to eradicate decayed or fractured teeth. Other causes which could lead to surgical extractions in the Czech Republic include:

•    serious gum diseases;
•    supplemental or malformed teeth;
•    as a required measure for orthodontic treatments;
•    in case the wisdom tooth does not have enough space to develop;
•    for esthetic reasons, if the tooth cannot be restored by utilizing usual cosmetic dentistry operations, and others.

After a thorough examination, the dentist abroad evaluates whether the affected tooth has to be extracted or it is possible to save and restore it by using various dental treatments. Diverse methods are offered by our partner dental clinics in the Czech Republic at exceptionally affordable costs.

Post-operative care after surgical extractions in the Czech Republic

Most of the times, the recovery period takes only several days. In order to help the recovery, the following measures should be taken while enjoying your dental holidays after a surgical extraction: 

•    Take medications against pain as recommended by your dentist or surgeon. Apply a cold pack or ice covered by a towel outside the mouth to alleviate the pain and swelling;
•    After 24 hours have passed since the surgery, rinse the mouth softly with warm salt water a few times a day in order to alleviate pain and swelling;
•    Make sure to change the gauze pads before they are soaked with blood;
•    Do not smoke;
•    Eat liquid or soft foods, like cream soup or pudding. Then progressively add solid food to the diet as the healing process evolves;
•    Do not lie flat on your back, as it might protract bleeding. Place your head on a higher degree by placing pillows under it after a surgical extraction in the Czech Republic;
•    Elude rubbing the surgery zone with the tongue;
•    Do not perform sucking motions, such as utilizing a straw to drink;
•    Keep on attentively brushing our teeth and tongue.

It is possible nowadays to have access to affordable dental treatments abroad and enjoy a great holiday in the beautiful Czech Republic. Please contact our dental tourism agents for a personalized offer.