Root Canal Treatments in the Czech Republic

Updated on Tuesday 30th August 2016

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Root Canal Treatments in the Czech Republic Image
Root canal treatments in the Czech Republic (endodontic treatments) are methods used by dentists in order to save the teeth from extraction. The aim of these dental treatments abroad is to reestablish the health of the teeth so that they can properly function.

The root canal treatments in the Czech Republic are imposed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (the tooth pulp) is damaged and generally infected through decay or trauma. In the early stages of infection, pain might not be felt by the patient. If the tooth presents a dark color it might imply the fact that the tooth nerve is dying or is dead, which would also require a root canal treatment.

Reasons for root canal treatments in the Czech Republic

At the center of each tooth, there are root canals and a pulp chamber composed of a living tissue, called the tooth pulp. It is comprised of a thin network of tissue fibers, nerves and blood vessels.

If the pulp grows an infection, it might spread to and by the root canals (root) of a tooth. This might at the end lead to an abscess and could result in a swelling of the tissues around the tooth. An abscess is a swollen area where pus collects and forms under the tooth root and in the jawbone. The symptoms of an abscess can vary from a superficial ache to quite heavy pain. The tooth is a lot of times tender when biting. If a root canal treatment in the Czech Republic is not undertaken by a dentist, the infection will spread and inevitably, the tooth will have to be extracted.

Why Czech Republic for root canal treatments?

The Czech Republic, and particularly its attractive and historic capital – Prague, is one of the most recent dental tourism destinations which delivers high standard dental treatments abroad together with reduced prices of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments compared to most Western European countries.

The Czech Republic is closer to Western Europe than you probably imagine, with frequent low cost flights coming from and to different European airports. As for Prague, it is the ideal break city – a extraordinarily well preserved ancient town with a lot of activities to do and places to visit, compact size and low cost cafes, restaurants and accommodations. By taking advantage of dental tourism, one can combine a relaxing break away from the daily pressures with a visit to one of the dentistry clinics here. 

If you are ready to become healthier by visiting one of our local dentists for a root canal treatment in the Czech Republic while enjoying a relaxing trip, please do not hesitate to contact us