Dental Veneers in the Czech Republic

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Dental veneers in the Czech Republic are a very successful and attractive option for the ones needing to enhance their teeth appearance. When it comes to whitening or bleaching, some superficial stains cannot be cleared and in these cases porcelain veneers can be the best way to a cosmetic and healthy smile. In addition, it's a good choice for gaps between teeth, fractured teeth or other situation in which there are minor biting problems and the teeth positions are compromised.

Our dental tourism specialists can tell you more about this non-invasive dental procedure according the type of material you will choose for your dental veneers and recommend a trustworthy and cost-saving clinic in the Czech Republic.

The benefits of dental veneers in the Czech Republic

Because of their accurate aspect it's impossible to tell the difference between a natural tooth and a veneer - every patient will have veneers that are individually sculpted for him/her. In comparison to natural teeth, one main benefit is the fact that custom-made veneers can resist cigarette smoke and coffee or tea stains. 

Furthermore, as opposed to crowns, with veneers your natural teeth won't be altered in order to fit the veneer. With only a minimal amount being worked, it will remain largely intact.

When it comes to people who have teeth that resist whitening or bleaching, veneers will make all teeth look bright white and healthy.

On the other hand, dental veneers can also be recommended in rapidly fixing overlaps, minor twists and small gaps.

Dentists abroad can help when choosing treatment plans matching your needs and further information about cosmetic and dental procedures (in order to make the most of veneers' benefits) will be offered.

Dental veneers' costs the Czech Republic

Dental tourism can be a very attractive way of both having teeth restoration or other dental treatments and enjoying a cost-saving holiday visiting different resorts in the Czech Republic. Depending on the state of enamel before the veneer was placed and how well they are maintained, dental veneers can last up to 7 to 20 years. Easier to maintain and less expensive than other dental restorations, the cost of dental veneers in the Czech Republic depends on the following aspects:  

•    the material used, since there are different types of dental veneers - the porcelain veneers are more expensive than the composite resin ones; (For example, composite resin veneers are less visible, cheaper but less natural; the procedure can be performed from the first visit to the dentist. Whitening agents can be used on this type of veneers in order to maintain their natural appearance);
•    technical expertise;
•    the charges of the ceramist (if the chosen veneers are from porcelain, the molding can take up to 2 weeks);
•    the charges of the cosmetic dentist who places the veneers;
•    the number of teeth that need veneers.

Dental veneers differ firstly on the type of tooth decay or damage they are meant to restore and then also on the material and personal preferences. As a matter of prices, porcelain dental veneers in the Czech Republic cost around €300, whereas in France are €600 and in UK they cost approximately €700. 

Our dentists can also provide assistance for any type of dental implants and they can also perform surgical extractions if they may be needed. 

Our experts in dental tourism can help you contact the proper clinic here in order to obtain the best dental treatment for you. Please contact them if you are interested in dental veneers in the Czech Republic and further details on possible treatment plans.