Teeth Whitening in Croatia

Updated on Wednesday 21st September 2016

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Healthy, white teeth render self-respect and well-being, allowing you to smile continuously. However, as we grow older, we are faced with more and more dental problems, including teeth staining. Discoloration is unavoidable. The reasons for teeth discoloration vary and bad habits are generally the causes of it. The dentists abroad whom we partner with are prepared to deliver complete and rapid teeth whitening procedures, as well as other dental treatments in Croatia, at affordable costs.

When deciding to whiten the color of their teeth, patients can choose from two different procedures:

1.    Tooth whitening in Croatia: a method which restores the natural white color of the teeth;
2.    Tooth bleaching: a technique which has the purpose of whitening the teeth above the patient’s natural color.

The dentist abroad  will have a thorough consultation and will present to you the options which are available, conditioned by the shade of the teeth which you would like to have.

Teeth whitening techniques in Croatia

Whitening gels and special lamps can be utilized to get the perfect white shade that you desire. The teeth whitening techniques in Croatia are comprised of:

•    in-office teeth whitening methods; and
•    internal teeth whitening methods.

In-office whitening commonly necessitates a single visit to the dentist. The preferred color can be obtained by utilizing a special gel or applying light energy to quicken the process. A special protection layer is applied on the gums to make sure the patient does not undergo any chemical burns. 

Internal teeth whitening in Croatia is used to treat teeth which have endured changes in color because of internal causes. Endodontic treatments could affect the tooth color and internal whitening brightens the teeth from inside.

Prevention for white teeth

Prevention is crucial and a proper oral hygiene can postpone changes in the tooth color. Diet is also very important in maintaining a good teeth color regardless of age. Coffee, tea, tobacco, wine and even certain antibacterial medicines could have a negative impact on your teeth color.

Please contact our dental tourism agents if you are interested in a teeth whitening procedure in Croatia