Surgical Extractions in Croatia

Updated on Monday 12th September 2016

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Surgical extractions in Croatia, also known as “open extractions”, involve the extraction of a tooth which cannot be accessed with ease by the dentist because it is broken under the gum line or it has not entirely erupted. These types of procedures in Croatia generally necessitate an incision and are undertaken with similar standards at much lower costs than in most Western European countries.

In a surgical extraction procedure in Croatia, the dentist might have to lift the soft tissues which are covering the tooth and bone and also eliminate the covering or surrounding jawbone. A lot of times, the tooth will be split into more pieces to be removed more easily. Normally these procedures are undertaken under general anesthesia.

When are surgical extractions in Croatia effectuated?

Surgical extractions in Croatia are recommended if:

•    A tooth is damaged to an extensive degree because of decay or trauma and it cannot be treated;
•    A tooth is infected and the patient cannot undergo a root canal (endodontic) treatment;
•    In cases when the teeth of one or both dental arches are overcrowded, and straightening them through orthodontics is not achievable;
•    For severe gum illnesses etc.

What not to do after a surgical extraction in Croatia

After undertaking a surgical extraction in Croatia, patients are advised to avoid certain foods or activities, such as:

•    Avoid eating foods which might displace the blood clot and delay or inhibit natural healing;
•    Avoid smoking, rinsing, doing any intense physical activities;
•    Do not drink hot drinks, alcohol or carbonated soft juices and do not chew foods which are crunchy or have small seeds or grains for two to three days following the surgery;
•    Do not brush the gums or mouth rise. 

In the following days after a surgical extraction, if you choose to rinse your mouth, do it gently. If you observe any swelling, apply a cold cloth or an ice bag wrapped in a towel and contact your dentist abroad. If you experience any pain, ask your dentist for pain killers. The other teeth can be brushed and flossed as normal, however pay attention not to clean the teeth near the place where the tooth was extracted. 

Please contact our dental tourism agents for a detailed offer concerning surgical extractions in Croatia. You can combine the pleasure of visiting an amazing tourism destination with the usefulness of taking care of your oral health.