Dental Veneers in Croatia

Updated on Friday 30th December 2016

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Besides being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Croatia is also an important dental tourism destination because of the advantageous prices for dental treatments which are offered here. Dental veneers in Croatia are effectuated at the most qualitative standards for modern dental procedures, consisting of applying a thin layer of restorative material on a damaged tooth. They confer a natural appearance because they are made of a special ceramic material that is fabricated in the same shade as the other teeth.

Dental veneer procedure in Croatia

A dental veneer procedure in Croatia consists of two visits to the dentist abroad. During these visits, the following operations are effectuated:

1.    In the initial visit, the dentist in Croatia – who speaks very well English – will effectuate an overall consultation. Now, the teeth will be prepared for the dental veneers without the patient feeling any type of pain, after which a first impression of the existing teeth or tooth will be created. This will be utilized as a prototype for the new dental veneer in Croatia. During this visit, the shade of the veneer will also be chosen, after which the patient will be provided with a temporary veneer until the permanent one is prepared. Therefore, until the final veneers are ready, the patient’s teeth or tooth will look normal and he or she will be able to function normally.
2.    In the second visit to the dentist, the dental veneer in Croatia is safely glued with a special bonding solution to the patient’s teeth or tooth. After this type of dental treatment abroad is effectuated, it will blend perfectly with the other teeth in order to render the most natural appearance.

Benefits of dental veneers in Croatia

Dissimilar from crowns, dental veneers in Croatia do not necessitate the removal of large volumes of the dental substance. You dentist abroad can offer specific information regarding exactly how much dental substance will have to be removed. 

Because they are fabricated after a dental fingerprint taken at the dentist’s office, dental veneers in Croatia will be cemented on the existing teeth. They will not get stained or discolored, being able to render patients that perfect smile they have always dreamt of for many years to come.

If you would like to have your dental veneers effectuated in Croatia, please get in touch with our dental tourism agents.