Dental Implants in Croatia

Updated on Monday 12th September 2016

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Dental implants are the most wanted procedures by dental patients around the world. People nowadays are more able to seek specialized dental treatments abroad because of the cheaper offers some countries have to provide. If you are looking for quality treatments in another country, dental treatments in Croatia might be what you need.

Dental implant procedures in Croatia

Dental implants in Croatia have become the most attractive and sought for treatments thanks to the constant development of the dental tourism industry. Dentistry abroad is continuously growing worldwide as people are becoming more interested in investing in their oral health since technology advances rapidly and enables developing countries to provide dental care at significantly lower costs than the already developed western countries. Also, the fast technological progress allows dental implants experts in the developing countries to learn and be able to provide high-quality services.

The most practiced method of dental implantology in Croatia consists in a staged procedure. The first procedure consists in surgically mounting the root implant that replaces the tooth root. During the second stage, the abutment (the crown tooth base) is mounted on the root implant after which the crown (which is usually made out of porcelain) is placed. In some cases, the two stages can be operated in a single session. 

The dental tourism specialists in Croatia can offer you more information on which type of dental implant procedure is the most suitable in your case.


Why should you travel to Croatia for a dental treatment?

Tourists that seek dental care outside their countries travel with two things in mind: quality and low prices. The dentists in Croatia are schooled at prestigious Universities and are trained to work with high-end equipment and use the latest techniques in the medical industry

Most people that travel to Croatia to seek quality procedures usually come from countries like Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. 

The average price of a dental implant in Croatia is approximately of 700 euros while the cost of an implant in Switzerland starts at 2800 euros and the same type of procedure in Italy is around 850 euros.

If you need more information regarding dental implants or if you want to make an appointment, please contact our dental tourism consultants.