Teeth Whitening in Costa Rica

Updated on Friday 16th September 2016

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Teeth whitening in Costa Rica is fast, safe and cost effective. More people are becoming aware of the impact a beautiful smile has on their personal and professional lives and are turning to this country as an alternative for the expensive dental care costs they encounter at home.

What does teeth whitening in Costa Rica consist of?

Teeth whitening in Costa Rica is not a medical procedure, as it does not improve the overall dental health, however it can render whiter and brighter teeth which can have a positive psychological impact on the patient.

Teeth whitening in Costa Rica can be achieved in the following ways:

•    By bleaching: it is performed in a dentist’s office or at home. This procedure consists of bleaching the teeth, which changes the color of the teeth enamel and eliminates surface, as well as deeper staining. Bleaching at home can be performed by the patient himself/herself by utilizing an OTC (over the counter) kit or one given by the dentist abroad. The substance which is utilized to bleach the teeth is most of the times carbamide peroxide. The products used in a dentist’s office have a higher concentration of this bleaching agent because the dentist will make sure he or she protects your gums and oral cavity from making contact with it.
•    By using whitening toothpastes: They usually have an effect of superficial teeth staining. These toothpastes utilize an abrasive material which eliminates the stains and has a brightening effect on them.

Teeth bleaching in Costa Rica

In-office bleaching often times is performed in combination with light or laser exposure of the teeth, which speeds up the teeth whitening process. The results are quite rapid, an improvement in the teeth color being visible immediately after the procedure is ended. In-office bleaching normally requires only one visit to the dentist and it can take up to 60 minutes. 

Your dentist might recommend you to follow a teeth whitening treatment at home, in which case he or she might make a custom mouthpiece and recommend the period of time you are required to wear it. For a safe use, these home kits contain a smaller concentration of the bleaching agent than the gel which is used in a dentist’s office. 

If you feel your self-confidence is affected by not having such a bright smile, you might want to consider teeth whitening in Costa Rica and profit from advantageous costs and quality service in one of the most beautiful dental tourism destinations in the world. Please contact us if you would like to know more.