Root Canal Treatments in Costa Rica

Updated on Monday 05th September 2016

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Each year thousands of patients from all over the world come to Costa Rica to have root canal treatments here because of the low costs of these procedures compared to those from their own countries and high quality of dental treatments abroad offered by dentists here.

What are root canal treatments in Costa Rica?

Teeth have a center, called the pulp chamber, where the nerves and blood vessels are found. When the pulp chamber is damaged, it grows inflamed or infected.

If a tooth is physically altered by an injury, there may be no symptoms a few days later or a longer amount of time. Lack of pain generally points out the death of the nerve. This is named necrosis. It is crucial to treat this condition with root canal (endodontic) treatments in Costa Rica.

What is the reason of root canal treatments?

When there is necrosis or another type of affection, anomalies like cysts can develop around the tooth roots, inside the bone and can be diagnosed by the dentist abroad only with x-rays.

Abscesses, granulomas, cysts and other infections can develop in the surrounding bone and soft tissues and some of these could even spread to significant structures, putting the patient’s life at risk. Injury affects tooth vitality and could also cause internal or external loss of the tooth root.

Advantages of natural teeth

There are more options to treat teeth nowadays than ever before. Understanding your options and the impact they can have on your dental health and wellbeing is important. Here are a few advantages of maintaining your natural teeth.

Our dentists declare that there are plenty of advantages to saving your natural teeth through root canal treatments:

•    efficient chewing;
•    normal biting force, which allows you to keep enjoying your favorite foods;
•    looks natural;
•    limits the necessity of having other more costly, ongoing dental work.

Why root canal treatments in Costa Rica?

The World Health Organization recently recognized that Costa Rica has one of the most developed health care systems in the world. Costa Rica is a great destination for dental holidays, chosen by numerous patients from all over the world who are interested in dental tourism each year.

The main reasons patients come to Costa Rica for root canal treatments are the reasonable prices, much lower than in their own countries, high quality of dental services, the chance to visit an amazing country with biodiversity and lots of adventures, welcoming culture, its social and political stability. Many senior citizens choose to establish their businesses and even retire here after coming for a dental care procedure in the country.

If you would like to schedule for root canal treatments in Costa Rica, please contact us.