Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

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Dental implants, amongst other types of dental procedures, have gained a lot of popularity in Costa Rica. Thanks to the constantly increasing interest in dental tourism, more and more people nowadays are seeking cheaper alternatives to the expensive treatments offered by their home country’s medical system; our specialists in dental tourism can offer an extensive presentation on the main dental implants performed in Costa Rica

Types of implants and how they are used

Dental implants work based on the process of osseointegration. That means that the root implant, a screw made of titanium, fuses directly to the jawbone. The screw implant needs between three to twelve months to fuse with the bone. That depends on each patient’s health and oral hygiene habits.

There are two types of dental implants available:

Standard implants are made of two pieces that have a total diameter of over 3 millimeters: the abutment screw (the actual root implant) and the implant abutment (a surface that acts as a grip for the cemented crown). Standard dental implants are strong, long-lasting, and allow for better weight distribution on the jawbone. This type of implant has a bigger surface, which gives long-term stability to the tooth if it is taken care of properly, and allows for stronger chewing. Standard implants are used as support for fixed or removable dentures or to replace one or multiple missing or rotten teeth.

Mini dental implants are made of a solid one-piece screw with a diameter less than 3 millimeters with a spherical end that protrudes through the gums. This type of implant is used as a support for fixed or removable dentures. Mini implants are half the size and diameter of a standard implant, which accelerates the healing process. But that comes with a disadvantage: they are half as strong as the standard implants, although they are also nearly half their price. Mini implants can also be used as a short-term solution for patients suffering from temporary oral diseases that do not allow them to get standard implants. They can also be used in patients with bone degeneration (jawbone loss).

Our dentists in Costa Rica can offer you more details regarding which type of implants suit your needs best.

Both kinds of implants are made of titanium, a lightweight, durable, and biocompatible material. Titanium and titanium alloy are the most used materials in medical bone implants.

Dental treatment quality and cost in Costa Rica

Our dentists in Costa Rica are highly trained in working with advanced dental equipment and techniques that ensure that the treatments we offer fit the high western standards in dentistry. In this way we provide great dental tourism experiences for our patients.

Costa Rica’s number one patients are American citizens that are looking for cheaper dental treatments abroad. In the US, the price for a dental implant is an approximate of $3,500, compared to about $600 in Costa Rica.

If you are interested in dental implants in Costa Rica, you can contact our team in order to make an appointment and receive more information.