Most Expensive Countries for Dental Care in Europe

Updated on Monday 22nd August 2016

Most Expensive Countries for Dental Care in Europe Image
The cost of dental works in the more developed countries in Europe is known for being expensive, causing regular patients to spend small fortunes on their oral health. For those located in certain countries, dental tourism is an option which is becoming more and more popular. Some of the most popular dental tourism destinations are countries like Mexico, Romania, the Philippines or Thailand.

Prices of dental treatments in Europe

According to a study made by the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment at Erasmus University in Rotterdam on the comparative prices for dental treatments in nine European countries, the most expensive country in Europe for dental treatment is the U.K., closely followed by Italy, Germany and France. The study analyzed the total cost of a standard filling, which included the cost of the dentist’s time, overhead, medications, materials and x-rays. The study revealed the following approximate costs for a standard filling:

•    The U.K. –  EU 156;
•    Italy –  EU 135;
•    Germany – EU 67;
•    France – EU 46.

As about dental implants prices, these are:

•    In the U.K.: - EU 1,500;
•    In Italy: - EU 800;
•    In Germany: - EU 697;
•    France: - EU 1,500 – 3,000.

High labor costs

The study goes on affirming that the main driver of dental care costs is labor, that is, the dentists’ earnings, which account for 70% of the total dental care prices in the U.K. The countries with the most expensive labor costs for dental care in Europe are the U.K. with approximately EU 2.88 a minute, followed by Italy and Spain, however dentist earning costs in countries like Germany and France were less than half of those in the U.K., but still much higher compared to major dental tourism destinations.

Why taking dental holidays?

An increasingly number of patients from some of the most expensive countries for dental care in Europe, as well as North America, Australia and New Zeeland are searching for more affordable dental treatments abroad. In the U.S., only the most basic dental treatments are covered by health insurance plans, hence the reason why more than 150 million American citizens do not have dental coverage. 

As we grow older, our flesh outlives the teeth, often necessitating extensive reconstructive or restoration treatments, which can cost tens of thousands of euros in our own countries. Therefore, price savings are a key factor for a global population who lives 10 to 30 years longer than its parents. The dental tourist does not however have to sacrifice high standards of services in order to make savings on his or her hard earned money. There are well qualified dentists who attend reputed dentistry schools and are certified by Western country boards who profess abroad, at a only few hours distance, offering great service at a fraction of the Western countries costs. For individuals who can easily travel nowadays in any part of the world, dentistry abroad is an easy choice to make.

If you are a patient who resides in one of the most expensive countries for dental care in Europe, we invite you to contact us in order to take advantage of quality dental treatments abroad at extremely affordable prices, while enjoying a great holiday in a foreign country.