Dental Veneers in the Philippines

Dental Veneers in the Philippines image January 6, 2017

Dental veneers in the Philippines are an affordable option available for patients interested in dental tourism. This type of dental treatment abroad consists of applying a thin layer of a special material over the front of the tooth.

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Surgical Extractions in Thailand

Surgical Extractions in Thailand image January 5, 2017

Thailand is an extremely popular dental tourism destination among patients who come here from all over the world to take advantage of the affordable prices and high quality of medical care in this country.

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Dental Veneers in Thailand

Dental Veneers in Thailand image January 4, 2017

Why not improve the look of your smile in the famous dental tourism destination, Thailand? The Land of Smiles will truly give you a reason to smile when you see how affordable and high quality its dental services are. Spend you dental holidays here and you will not regret it!

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Dental Veneers in Croatia

Dental Veneers in Croatia image December 30, 2016

Besides being one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Croatia is also an important dental tourism destination because of the advantageous prices for dental treatments which are offered here.

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Surgical Extractions in Hungary

Surgical Extractions in Hungary image December 19, 2016

Hungary is one of the countries with the most developed dental tourism, as the costs for dental treatments here are much lower than in other more developed countries.

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Dental Veneers in Hungary

Dental Veneers in Hungary image December 18, 2016

Dental veneers in Hungary are a great way to improve your looks and regain your self-confidence by fixing cracked, chipped or uneven teeth. Hungary is a popular dental tourism destination because these types of dental treatments can be effectuated here at a fraction of the prices they cost in most Western European countries.

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Surgical Extractions in Spain

Surgical Extractions in Spain image December 9, 2016

Surgical extractions in Spain, also known as open extractions, represent procedures in which the teeth are extracted with surgical access being necessary. Surgical extractions in Spain imply that the tooth is extracted by the dentist abroad using surgical techniques.

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Dental Veneers in Spain

Dental Veneers in Spain image December 6, 2016

Dental veneers in Spain are thin coatings which cover the frontal side of the teeth, enabling the dentist abroad to correct the color, size and form of the teeth to improve the patient’s look of the smile.

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Orthodontics in Hungary

Orthodontics in Hungary image October 4, 2016

Everyone knows how important a beautiful smile is. Given the fact that a first impression is based on the appearance the other person has, dental health is like a business card.

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Dental Implants in Thailand

Dental Implants in Thailand image October 4, 2016

Dental implants are an important part of any person’s dental care prophylactic options and also to their overall good health.

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