Orthodontics in Argentina

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Everyone wishes to have a beautiful smile, since it's the best way to connect with people at first hand. The main goal of the orthodontic treatment in Argentina is to achieve this healthy smile but also to obtain the balance and harmony between the teeth and face. Our specialists in dental tourism can help you find the best clinic in Argentina for your dental problems, so that you can regain your confidence.

Dental cases that need orthodontic treatments in Argentina

First of all, X-rays for your teeth, jaws and mouth may be needed in order to give a complete diagnose. A medical and dental history will be also needed and the dental impressions and images obtained are required in understanding the jaws' functioning. The orthodontic treatment will only begin from the second dental appointment

You must know that protruding or crowded teeth tend to be more susceptible to decay and also to gum disease. Moreover, jaw problems can appear because of your teeth not meeting correctly. Gaps and spaces between your teeth could also need an orthodontic treatment abroad, in order to close up and correctly align them.

Other orthodontic cases are the overbite or under-bite, where the lower and upper rows of teeth do not fold correctly; correction is made through applying lingual braces, which are fairly aesthetic, because they are invisible.

If your dental problem is overcrowded teeth and your teeth overlap, braces will be the solution for realigning your teeth so that they will be positioned neatly side by side.

If you are interested in receiving complete information regarding dental tourism options in Argentina, our specialists can put you in contact with clinics that provide professional and very cost-effective orthodontic treatments.

Types of braces for teeth alignment in Argentina

You may know that an orthodontic treatment in most cases involves the use of braces (orthodontic appliances). The aim of all types of braces is to move the teeth to a new position by using a gentle pressure. The orthodontic treatment in Argentina you need will determine the type of braces to be used. The braces recommended by dentists abroad might be:

•    removable: a plastic plate with delicate strings and wires that can be removed for cleaning.
•   fixed: stuck-to-teeth brackets which are connected by a flexible wire that will be tightened at regular intervals. You may choose between ceramic brackets, which are tooth-colored or metal brackets
•    functional: worn on the the upper and lower teeth simultaneously; both parts of the braces are being connected and the jaw power will be used to move teeth in at the same time.

For an increased comfort and shorter treatment period for the patient, smaller brackets are now used. Besides that, braces are also very aesthetic and have profound impact in aligning your teeth, reducing and correcting completely several orthodontic problems. You must know that an orthodontic treatment in Argentina such as having braces applied costs much lower than in other countries like Brazil. So, if you are thinking of choosing Argentina for your orthodontic treatment, you may also think of a dental holiday meaning you will resolve your dental problems while enjoying some Argentinean resorts

If we managed to convince you, please do not hesitate to contact our dental tourism experts for any piece of information regarding orthodontics in Argentina