Dental Implants in Argentina

Updated on Monday 19th September 2016

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Dental implants are usually titanium cylinders or screws that are placed into the jawbone. That represents the artificial teeth roots. The implants act as an anchor for the abutments (the base for the artificial teeth) over which the actual teeth are mounted on and which are most commonly made of porcelain. Dental implants in Argentina are becoming a popular attraction as more and more people are willing to travel for low-cost dental treatments abroad.You can find out more on the offers available in this country from our team of dental tourism specialists

Why travel for dental implants in Argentina?

The need for permanent dental replacement and cosmetic dentistry is constantly increasing as people are becoming more concerned about their appearance and their overall health. Dental treatments abroad can provide people quality dental restoration that is functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and cheap.

The oral health care system in Argentina has a good reputation of providing professional dental procedures, for mild dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, or for more complicated oral conditions. The dental clinics follow rigorous safety rules and all the materials used comply with the health norms that are set by Instituto Argentino de Normalizacion y Certificacion (The Argentinian Institute of Standardization and Certification), the Argentinian certifying authority. Dental implants in Argentina are technologically advanced and offer a diversified range of high-quality materials and techniques. The Argentinian dentists are trained in respected Universities and have a vast experience in different fields of dentistry

Besides providing top quality dental treatments performed by expert dentists, dentistry in Argentina is very affordable for foreigners that are considering taking a dental holiday abroad.

How cheap are dental implants in Argentina?

Since dental care in the US is extremely expensive, a lot of Americans prefer traveling to a nearby country in order to take care of their oral health and enjoy a wonderful vacation at low prices. If you are traveling from North America, Argentina might be the perfect dental destination abroad for you. Even if it is not as close to the US borders as Mexico or Costa Rica, the dental tourism packages offer flights to Argentina at modest prices.
Compared to the extremely expensive cost of approximately 3500 dollars in the United States, a dental implant in Argentina is a much cheaper option, with a price estimated around 1000 dollars.
For more information on dental implants in Argentina, please contact our team of dental tourism agents.